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TRNC News Today 30th December 2015


Akıncı: “Criteria continuing to be discussed”

President Mustafa Akıncı attended the joint live broadcast of the Turkish Cypriot television channels. Akıncı stated that they have reached a consensus with the Greek Cypriot side on 22 titles regarding categorizing the affected properties, in the issue of property, adding that the issue of criteria is continuing to be discussed.

Criteria continuing to be discussed

In his statement, President Akıncı also stated that they want to conclude the property issue in a short time that’s why the issue of criteria is very important at that stage. Expressing that the issue of guarantees must be discussed with the guarantor countries at the end of the negotiations after all issues have been discussed, Akıncı underlined that Turkish Cypriots give great importance to Turkey’s guarantee, and as a result of surveys conducted, Turkish Cypriot people will vote “no” if there is no guarantee of Turkey.

Mentioning the energy issue, Akıncı said that instead of making the subject of energy an issue of tension, it should be a project by which the two sides can get advantages.

Furthermore, stating that the issue of “weighted ballot” will be beneficial for bringing the two communities closer in Cyprus, Akıncı said that his attitude regarding the ‘rotating presidency’ has been reacted to by the Greek Cypriot side although this principle also took place in the Annan plan previously.

Adding that minesweeping was done at Lefke-Aplıç and Derinya checkpoints and the road has become ready for the construction, Akıncı said that there is not any certain date for opening of the checkpoints.

Akıncı stressed that the issue of mobile telephones is the only issue on which they could not reach a consensus, adding that Greek Cypriots consider the operators in the TRNC as illegal.

45th establishment anniversary of CTP

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) celebrated its 45th establishment anniversary at a reception.

President Mustafa Akıncı, Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu, Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özdil Nami, some Ministers and Members of Parliament, the former leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Dimitris Hristofyas and AKEL Secretary General Andros Kiprianu also attended the event.

45th anniversary of CTP

Addressing the event, the leader of the CTP Mehmet Ali Talat said that Turkish Cypriots are in the forefront in the struggle for peace.

Stating that negotiations and the Annan Plan process has reached a new stage with the CTP, Talat said that CTP had an important role in the 2004 referendum of the Annan Plan.

Mentioning that Turkish Cypriots are striving to achieve peace, solution and a higher quality of life, Talat said that Turkish Cypriots put their utmost efforts for self-determination and they will continue to do so.

“British Gas very close to reaching an agreement with the Leviathan partners”

The Greek Cypriot Alithia newspaper indicated that as soon as it is approved by the Greek Cypriot Cabinet, the British Gas Company will be the shareholder of the Aphrodite bed in the 12th parcel in the South Cyprus so-called “Exclusive Economic Zone (MEB)” and the company is very close to reaching a commercial agreement with the partners of Israel’s Leviathan bed partners in order to make natural gas export to its terminal in Egypt.

British Gas

Indicating that British Gas is in negotiation with South Cyprus to reach an agreement, the Alithia newspaper wrote that one of the possibilities that the company is working on is to form an Aphrodite-Leviathan pipeline and this pipeline will end at Idku terminal in Egypt.

Energy Efficiency Strategy Document 2016-2023

The State Planning Organization (DPÖ) announced that increasing the sources of renewable energy and serious energy saving will be targeted with the “2016-2023 Energy Efficiency Strategy Document.”

Energy efficiency

In the light of the data, evaluation and recommendations in the document, there was at least 20% reduction in the amount of energy consumed per unit of GSYİH (primary energy density) in the TRNC compared to the value of 2012, at least 10% less CO2 emissions in the TRNC compared to 2012 and at least 10% of the primary energy supply of the production of renewable energy sources in the TRNC are aimed until 2023.

Asım İdris was elected as the new General Secretary of the TDP

Asım İdris was elected as the new General Secretary of the TDP. The Members of the Central Executive Board were also determined by the party assembly.

Asim Idris

Following its 5th Ordinary Congress on 20 December, Asım İdris was elected as the new General Secretary of the TDP at the first meeting which was held last night at the Party Assembly.

Akıncı received Maronites from Gürpınar

President Mustafa Akıncı received a group of Maronites from Gürpınar yesterday. President Akıncı celebrated the new year of Maronites and wished a more peaceful year for all Cypriots in 2016.

Maronites from Gurpinar

Maronites also celebrated Akıncı’s New Year, and they wished success.

Elcil: “Teachers from both communities raise their voice for the unification of Cyprus”

Around 60 Greek Cypriot teachers have crossed over to North Cyprus to visit Turkish Cypriot schools conveying messages of peace, friendship and cooperation.

Şener Elcil

Speaking at the activity, KTÖS Secretary General Şener Elcil said that teachers from both communities in Cyprus play an important role in the solution of the Cyprus problem and in building peace. Elcil stressed that it is important to make much more cooperation between the two communities.

Furthermore, Elcil added “We as teachers need to tear down the walls in the people`s minds. This is the great mission. Today is an important event and a good start.”

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