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TRNC News Today 29th December 2015

Crisis regarding water management

Speaking at the General Council of the Republican Assembly, Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu said that while establishing the government, they considered to share the same opinion with their coalition partner UBP regarding the water management but now they see that they do not share the same opinion on the issue, and their meetings are continuing to overcome the problem. Expressing that the party policies are determined at party organizations, Kalyoncu said that as a result of bargaining, the result has occurred and it is being discussed at the party assembly.

Gecitkoy Dam

Adding that the economic protocol with Turkey has not been signed yet but a great part of the protocol is ready, Kalyoncu said that they are also aware of the problems of the producers and when the 13th Salary is paid, the farmers will also be paid. Kalyoncu stressed that the problems regarding the water issue have not been solved and the economic protocol has not been signed yet.

Moreover, 2nd President and CTP-BG Leader Mehmet Ali Talat said that their aim is to be the party which makes the water flow and for the Turkish Cypriots to use the water and increase their prosperity.

Speaking to Channel Sim, Talat said “CTP struggled before and this country needs the CTP. Success is not strengthening the party but to solve the issue according to the decisions of the party.”

In his statement to Kıbrıs Postası, The Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade Sunat Atun said that they don’t have any concerns on the issue of water, adding that the stance of UBP has been clear since 2010.

Adding that the meeting of the Mayors of UBP at the Ministry of Transportation was a general assessment not related to the CTP meeting held the day before, Atun said as an answer to a question that he does not think that water issue will affect the government.

Özersay: “The new party will be established in January”

Kudret Özersay said that the comprehensive preparations in order to form a new political party has been completed and the formation of the new party will be announced in the first week of January.

Kudret Ozersay

Özersay, “The new political party will come in sight with its regulations, vision, founder members and the solution offers to the problems in the first week of the new year.

In his written statement, Özersay said that after their decision of forming a new political party in September, they have made village and regional visits and announced that the new party would be formed in the first week of January.

Stating that one day between the dates of 4-8 January, the founder members will inform the public about the vision of the party, Özersay said that the name of the party will be announced at the press conference.

The Greek Cypriot political parties disagree on the solution type

It was stated that disagreements between the Greek Cypriots on the solution of the Cyprus problem and the marginal dissidences on a possible referendum would be a disaster for the Greek side.

Political parties disagree

A panel which is entitled “Developments in the region and the Cyprus Problem” was held by “Nicosia University” with the participation of representatives of the political parties in the Greek side.

The Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that the views which were put forward by the representatives of political parties are diametrically opposed and emphasized that there are some people who believe the problem will be solved by a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. On the other hand, some are diametrically opposed to this idea and believe that instead of a solution, this option will result in the disintegration of the Republic of Cyprus.

Greek politicians reacted to the joint message

Greek political parties continue to show reactions to the New Year message of President Mustafa Akıncı and the leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Anastasiades which was given in both Turkish and Greek languages at the negotiation zone.

Joint message

Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Fileftheros reported that some political powers are making the assessment that this action is an action in the right direction however some political parties thought that Anastasiades gave the wrong message when it is considered that this action was also covered by the foreign press.

The Greek Ecological and Environmental Movement claimed that on the one hand the leaders’ joint statement showed a good relationship between them, but on the other hand the publication and the interpretation of the statements in the international arena can add negative dimensions to the incident.

Greek Cypriot Cabinet approves ENI-KOGAS request for an exploration extension

The Greek Cypriot Cabinet approved a request by ENI-KOGAS consortium for an exploration extension on their exploratory activities at the 2nd, 3rd and 9th parcels in the Greek Cypriot “Exclusive Economic Zone” (MEB).


Greek Cypriot radio announced that the Greek Cypriot Cabinet approved the ENI-KOGAS request for an exploration extension until 2018 at the Greek Cypriot Cabinet`s meeting yesterday.

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