December 8, 2022


Barbara Willbye – A hair raising event for Tulips!‏

We have received the following thank you from Carole King and Sue Tilt of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and would like to add our own appreciation of the fantastic lengths someone will go to in order to support a charity, so well done Barbara, you are a star who shines and will keep on shining.

This is the thank you to Barbara from Carole and Sue.

Barbara Willbye is a well known supporter of Tulips/HTWCA having organised and has raised a lot of money for cancer patients in the past but this time she really has pushed the boat out!

Barbara Willbye - Hair colour

Barbara and her husband, Kevin, have paid for Barbara to colour her hair in the brightest colours imaginable all for sponsorship for Tulips. The colouring, which took approx 7 hours to complete, took place on Monday 21st December at Chicago Hair Club with Barbara being absolutely delighted with the end result!


Barbara would like to thank the staff at Chicago Hair Club for all the work they put into creating this masterpiece including the sponsorship donation they handed over.

Whilst there are many of us that think we would like to attempt something like this, it takes a lot of nerve to actually go through with it and as such there are not enough ways in the world to express our thanks to Barbara for going that extra mile to raise a fantastic sum of 2,225TL with more pledges still to come in!

We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what Barbara’s next challenge is likely to be.

The photos show how bright Barbara now is!

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