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TRNC News Today 24th December 2015

Akıncı met with Asselborn

President Mustafa Akıncı met with Luxemburg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn who is having contacts in Cyprus. In his statement following the meeting, Akıncı said that they have discussed the latest developments on the Cyprus problem and they expressed their own views on the issue during the meeting.

Akinci met with Asselborn

Adding that they also discussed their expectations from the EU in detail, Akıncı said that many Foreign Ministers had visited Cyprus and himself in recent times. Akıncı stressed that the visit of Asselborn is much more meaningful due to being with the title of the EU Term President.

Noting that Luxemburg Foreign Minister invited him to Luxemburg before leaving Cyprus, Akıncı said that the UK and Germany also gave invitations so he will try to do what is necessary within this framework.

Upon questions of journalists, Akıncı said that in September he received an invitation for the Davos meeting and he expressed his positive answer for this meeting.  Expressing that this invitation covers the dates of 20-23 January, Akıncı said that the same invitation was also sent to the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades, adding “In other words, it does not mean that the Cyprus negotiations or the quintet meeting have been moved to Davos. There is not any decision on the issue yet”.

Akıncı gave information about the negotiations

President Mustafa Akıncı evaluated the latest stage reached at the negotiations with the Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber, Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak, Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özdil Nami and Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu.

Info about negotiations

At the meeting which was held at the Presidency, The Speaker of the Assembly, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were informed regarding the latest developments of the Cyprus negotiation process.

On the other hand; the opinions of Sibel Siber, Ömer Kalyoncu and Emine Çolak were taken regarding the Cyprus negotiation process and they also exchanged their ideas with each other.

Tatar criticizes Akıncı

UBP Lefkoşa Deputy Ersin Tatar argued that the statements of the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades regarding “the return of Güzelyurt and many other settlements in the TRNC” are making the citizens distressed and damaging the economic and social life.

Ersin Tatar

Tatar called upon Akıncı to show an attitude towards not being silent against the Greek Cypriot leader and defending the rights of the Turkish Cypriots.

In his statement Ersin Tatar emphasized that nobody has the right to deceive the Turkish Cypriot people and he added that the attitude of the Greek side on the issues of the land, map, property, security, guarantees, four freedoms, governance, power-sharing and the EU is at an unacceptable point.

Taçoy: “It should be explained to the people that the Greek Cypriot side has no intention for a viable reconciliation”

Stating the fact that the Greek Cypriot side has no intention for a viable reconciliation, Democrat Party National Forces (DP-UG) General Secretary Hasan Taçoy expressed that this must be explained to the public by President Akıncı.

Hasan Tacoy

In his written statement on the recent statements made by the Greek Cypriot authorities regarding the process for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, Taçoy said: “The Greek Cypriot side put forth once again that they don’t have the intention for a viable reconciliation which is based on the facts that exist in Cyprus.”

“Turkish Cypriots Day 2015” celebrated in US

“The fourth annual Turkish Cypriots Day” was celebrated in the US. Senior legislative staff of over 40 members of Congress attended the ceremony. Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas provided Rayburn House of Representatives building as the venue for Turkish Cypriots.

TC celebrate in US

İsmet Korukoğlu, Washington DC Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus met with over 70 participants who visited through the day to learn about the history and culture of Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç attended to show support for Turkish solidarity and the upcoming second attempt at Turkish-Greek reunification.

Assembly of Turkish American Associations Trustee Günay Evinch personally spoke with every participant who attended and said “We want people to know that there is another community on the island -Turkish Cypriots, who settled there long before Europeans settled in America”. Evinch also added “Turkish Cypriots want equal rights. They want respect for the diversity of the island”.

CTP held a panel entitled “Peace Process in Cyprus”

Within the framework of the 45th anniversary celebrations of the Republican Turkish Party, a panel was held at the CTP Güzelyurt district building.  The former spokesperson of the Greek Cypriot Government and AKEL Politburo member Stephanos Stephanou and CTP Güzelyurt deputy Armağan Candan participated in the panel as speakers. The panel is entitled “Peace Process in Cyprus.”

Peace Process in Cyprus

At the panel, both speakers made a call for a common struggle in order to establish a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on political equality instead of living in a divided Cyprus.

Visit to Hala Sultan for Mawlid ul-Nabi

Yesterday a visit was conducted to the Hala Sultan Tekke in Larnaca for Mawlid ul-Nabi/Mevlid, celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

Mawlid al Nabi

The visit was conducted in cooperation with the high-level religious officials of the two communities under the auspices of the Embassy of Sweden with the work under the name of “Religious Path in Cyprus Peace Process.”

Within this framework, the visits to the Hala SultanTekke were agreed to be conducted three times a year, at Ramadan Bairam, Kurban Bairam and Mawlid. Also, the Greek Cypriots are organizing rituals in Northern Cyprus within the same framework.

“Historical Dictionary of Cyprus” has been published

Khora Library announced that “Historical Dictionary of Cyprus” has been published. The book was written by Farid Mirbagheri and its translation was made by Kıyal Eresen. The book has the qualification as the first historical dictionary which is published in the country.

Cyprus Dictionary

The “Cyprus Historical Dictionary” is comprised of the dictionary section which consists of hundreds of titles on the country’s history, politics, economy and culture. Also, information about persons and political parties in Cyprus and the major events and places on the island are included in the book.

“CYweCAN” held its first meeting

The CYweCAN Initiative which was established by the Turkish and Greek Cypriots in order to explain the importance of a fast, fair and comprehensive solution for the Cyprus problem, held its first meeting at the Chateau Status in the buffer zone.


The CYweCAN Initiative is formed by CTP and TDP Youth Organizations, MAGEM and HASDER from the North, and NEDISI and Peace Center Cyprus from the South.

At the event, CTP leader Mehmet Ali Talat and CTP Güzelyurt deputy Armağan Candan called for the youth.

In the statement made by the Initiative, it was recorded that the purpose of their establishment is to support peace, cooperation, solidarity and the negotiation process and to share the will of the youth to live in a united Cyprus in peace.

Greek Cypriot Ombudswoman: “Turkish Cypriots are being tormented”

According to her latest report on November 25, the Greek Cypriot Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou stated that unfair enforcements are exposed to the Turkish Cypriots by the Greek Cypriot Population and Migration Department, especially the children of Turkish Cypriots and their relatives face serious delays in obtaining a Cypriot passport.

Eliza Savvidou

Savvidou also indicated that she repeatedly sent letters to the ministry but she has not received any response from the (migration) department. According to the Greek Cypriot daily Politis newspaper, Savvidou reported that the Greek Cypriot Population and Immigration Department creates troubles to Turkish Cypriots during their application process for obtaining a Cypriot passport but the authorities ignores her reports. Savvidou noted, “I have not yet received a response from the department,” and “I was not informed on any developments” despite several requests. She detailed a total of 14 cases that have come to her attention, as well as 18 filed with the law firm of Michaelides & Zavalli by Turkish Cypriots with most facing delays of up to six and seven years. In her report Savvidou said: “I consider it reasonable that affected individuals may have the impression they are unfavorably treated due to their origins.”

Savvidou stated that the Registration Office and Interior Ministry often neglect to provide information related to the applications as foreseen by the law. Savvidou also stressed that the deputy chief of the migration department needed to resolve the problem “and immediately find solutions.”

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