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TRNC News Today 16th December 2015


Çolak: “Our priority target is to support the negotiation process”

The budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was discussed yesterday at the General Council of the Assembly. The budget of the Ministry, a total of 41million 140 thousand 800TL was approved unanimously.

Colak - Support negotiation process

In her speech at the Assembly, Foreign Minister Çolak expressed that their first priority target is to support the negotiation process. Stressing that they are making great efforts to reach a success in the negotiation process, Çolak explained the support given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards the negotiation process.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making great efforts for the negotiation process which resumed in a positive atmosphere with the election of the new President” Çolak added.

Meeting of Leaders continued for 3 hours

President Mustafa Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades met again last night within the framework of the Cyprus negotiations.The meeting which was held in the buffer zone started at 18.00 and ended at 21:00.

Meeting of Leaders 3 hours

No statement was made following the meeting.

Bilgiç: “Turkey’s attitude on the issue of guarantees is clear”

The Spokesperson of Turkey’s Foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgiç stated that some news which reflected in the Greek Cypriot press on the issue of guarantees and meeting of the Undersecretary of Turkey’s Foreign Ministry Sinirlioğlu with some Greek Cypriot authorities, are baseless claims.

Tanju Bilgiç

Stressing that the attitude of Turkey on the guarantees issue is clear, Bilgiç said that Turkey preserves the attitude to discuss this issue at the quintet meeting at the end of the negotiation process with the participation of the guarantor countries.

Eide: “Guarantees will be discussed at the quintet conference”

While expressing the hope that a conclusion about the property issue will be reached soon, Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General Espen Barth Eide said that the guarantees will be discussed at some stage of the procedure within the framework of the quintet conference.

Greek Cypriot radio announced that Eide informed the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades about his meetings in Ankara.

Eide - Quintet conference

Eide described his contacts with the officials of Turkey as “constructive, deep and interesting” on the preparation of the final stage of the negotiations.

Eide stated that he had deep and good conversations and that it is part of the preparation for the very final phase, “which we don’t know when it will happen but it will happen someday and where the guarantor countries also need to be involved.  So, there is serious engagement also from Turkey as well as from the other guarantor countries”, he added.

Upon a question if there will be a quintet meeting at the final phase, Eide said: “At some stage that will be part of the process, because it is clear that we need the guarantors to deal with specific issues that pertain to them. Most issues that we are discussing are for the Cypriots to decide, the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots through their leaders, but there are some issues of an international nature and of course we cannot have a final settlement before they are involved in some form”, he added.

UBP and DISI have decided to establish a joint committee

UBP and DISI committees have decided to establish a joint committee in order to exchange ideas on common issues which are of interest to both Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities and to produce common ideas. The two Parties have decided to meet again in January.


A Delegation under the Presidency of the leader of the Government’s major partner in South Cyprus, DISI, Averof Neofitu visited UBP leader Hüseyin Özgürgün.

After the meeting, DISI leader Averof Neofitu and UBP leader Hüseyin Özgürgün made statements to the press. Stating that they found a chance to discuss the region and regional economy, Özgürgün said that the two parties made a decision to continue their meetings, in order to establish a joint committee to exchange ideas and to build a consensus on the Cyprus issue and other issues.

Indicating that the meeting was useful and a good start, Özgürgün said that they will meet again with the DISI committee at the beginning of January.

Applications for permanent residence permit has begun

The Interior and Labour Ministry has started to accept applications for permanent residence permits.

Permanent Residence Permit

As of today, 10,000 people will be able to apply for the permanent residence permit. With the new regulation, those who have a continuous 6 years work permit and business establishment permit will be able to apply for a permanent residence permit.

People who have a permanent residence permit, will not require an annual work permit.  White Card identity, which is given to the people who gain the right for a permanent residence permit can also be used for entries and exits to the country.

LTB organized New Year reception for foreign ambassadors and mission chiefs

Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) organized a New Year reception for foreign ambassadors and mission chiefs.


The reception which took place yesterday at the Bedesten was hosted by the Mayor of Nicosia Turkish Municipality Mehmet Harmancı. Many ambassadors and senior diplomats attended the reception.

Ambassadors of the Republic of Turkey, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, 1.Secretary of France and the United Kingdom, the authorities of UNFIYCP, UNDP-ACT, UNDP-PFF, EUPSO, AHDR, as well as some members of the municipality councils and LTB administrators also attended the reception.

The 25th National Photography Contest results announced

The results of the 25th State Photography Competition organized by the Culture Department were announced yesterday.

Photography exhibition

According to the statement of the Culture Department, a consultation was organized with the jury members of the competition Prof. Dr. Güler Ertan, İbrahim Zaman and İsmail Gökçe yesterday at Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Centre (AKM) and then the results of the competition were announced.

The artefacts which were deemed worthy of receiving the award will be exhibited between the dates of 22-30 December at Atatürk Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall.

Exhibition of Akıncılar will be launched todayAkincilar

The exhibition which is comprised of the studies within the framework of the “Project on Architectural, Cultural Heritage Protection and Preservation of Akıncılar (Lurucina) Village” will be opened by Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu at the Bedesten today.

The exhibition which was organised and prepared by the Cyprus International University can be visited until Saturday 19th December.



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