December 8, 2022

Anglo Turkish Association (ATA)

visit SOS Children’s Village


We have received news from the SOS Children’s Village in Lefkoşa of a visit by members of the Anglo Turkish Association (ATA) and give their information below.

Münür Yücekal, Pearl Mitchell, Şenay Onurhan, Jewel Pearce and Şirin Damdelen
Münür Yücekal, Pearl Mitchell, Şenay Onurhan, Jewel Pearce and Şirin Damdelen

Anglo Turkish Association (ATA) paid a visit to SOS Children’s Village last Wednesday in order to observe the renovation work which was done at the Village with the help of the Association.

Visiting the Village, ATA Chairperson Pearl Mitchell, Vice Chairperson Şenay Onurhan and Secretary Jewel Pearce were welcomed by Münür Yücekal and Şirin Hassan of SOS who presented the members of ATA with a plaque of appreciation for their donation of £500 towards renovation projects at SOS Children’s Village.

Münür Yücekal and Pearl Mitchell
Münür Yücekal and Pearl Mitchell

The money was used to replace old rusty rainwater pipes with new PVC pipes. Old manhole covers, which posed a health and safety hazard, were replaced with new composite ones.

According to Fundraiser and Public Relations Officer of SOS Şirin Damdelen the remainder of the funds will be used to buy equipment for a multi-functional cinema room, which will be used for classes for the children, families and staff. As well as screening educational films, it will also be used as a cinema room for children to watch movies with their SOS families.

Speaking during the visit, Ms Mitchell said “The children of today are our future Prime Ministers and we need to give them the best start in life that they can get. So we are always happy to support them, within our limited means”.  Ms Mitchell also added “Seeing other people who could give more support making donations makes me very happy”.




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