December 8, 2022

Cyprus Mail asks : Could

there be an attack in Cyprus? (Video)

By Chris Elliott……

It’s Saturday 28th November 2015 and it’s bright and sunny and we can look forward to yet another peaceful and almost idyllic life in Northern Cyprus but should we have a care?

One news feed today came to my notice and that was in the Cyprus Mail which had been out in the streets asking folk if they thought the terrorists threats could extend to Cyprus with attacks?

Given the offer of usage of British Sovereign Bases in the south to bomb Isis, then perhaps people should be concerned, as Cyprus Mail have asked their readers:


Could there be an attack in Cyprus? (Video)

“In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris – and with armed police patrolling the streets of Nicosia’s old town – we did a vox pop asking people if they thought something similar could happen here.”

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