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TRNC News Today 26th November 2015

Akıncı: “Progress has been achieved in the last 5 months of the 47 year long negotiation process”

Stating that the negotiations were very fruitful in the month of November, President Mustafa Akıncı said:  “We are further now at the end of November than we were at the beginning of the month. Progress which couldn’t be achieved before has been achieved in the last 5 months of the 47 year long negotiation process”.

Stating that the two leaders have agreed on the establishment of a Technical Committee on Education, Akıncı said “it is very important that the next generation would be a greater supporter of peace, more permissive and with better understanding.”

Progress in last 5 months

Speaking at the Presidency, after the meeting with the leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Anastasiades, Akıncı stated that he feels hopeful in the negotiation process of a comprehensive settlement. Akıncı also said that they will continue to negotiate in December in order to find a comprehensive settlement as soon as possible.

By taking into account the need for the peace culture, President Akıncı said that the two leaders have agreed on the establishment of a Technical Committee on Education.

Technical Committee on Education will be established

UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide pointed out the determination of TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı and leader of Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiades on the process and announced that the two leaders agreed on the establishment of a Technical Committee on Education.

The joint statement delivered by the leaders after their sixth and last meeting in November was read by the UN Secretary General`s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide to the press.

Technical Committee for Education

Eide state that the leaders discussed a number of issues in most of the chapters in depth and have made further progress.

Stating that the leaders have achieved a better understanding of each other’s concerns, Eide added that they feel more hopeful and confident that the outstanding issues could be resolved in the near future in the course of their negotiations.

The Committee to be established will review existing research and good practices in education in Cyprus and abroad and undertake new relevant research on how education can contribute to conflict transformation, peace, reconciliation and the countering of prejudice, discrimination, racism, xenophobia and extremism.

The Committee also work on devising a mutually acceptable mechanism for the implementation of confidence building measures in schools of the two educational systems and promote contact and co-operation between students and tutors from the two communities.

Eide said “The leaders will continue to meet frequently in the month of December. Meetings at leaders’ level have been scheduled for 4th, 15th and 20th December 2015. They also decided to make a joint visit to the laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons on 20 December,” he concluded.

Kerry to visit Cyprus

The US Foreign Minister John Kerry is coming to Cyprus and he will separately meet with both leaders.

John Kerry

According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is stated that Kerry will go to France, Belgium, Kosovo, Serbia, Cyprus and Greece in order to hold contacts.

Kerry who will come to Cyprus on the 3rd of December, will have contacts with both leaders in order to support the negotiations for finding a solution to the Cyprus problem in the island.

Eide visited Talat

The Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide visited President of CTP Mehmet Ali Talat on 25th November.

Eide and Talat

They discussed the latest stage reached at the negotiations.

Some Political Party Representatives met in the buffer zone

Some Turkish and Greek Cypriot Party Leaders and Representatives of Political Parties met within the framework of the routine common meetings which was organized by The Embassy of Slovakia.

The Representatives of Political Parties criticized the attack on Turkish Cypriots by some Greek Cypriots and also the violence which supports ethnic discrimination.

Political parties at Buffer Zone

The meeting which was held at the Ledra Palace Hotel in the buffer zone continued for around 2 hours and was hosted by Cyprus Greens Party.

After the meeting, Slovakia Ambassador Oksana Tomova read the common statement and she stated that a further meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 December.

Tomova mentioned that the participants discussed the issue “How to reach a vision of a united community with ongoing discussions” in a constructive manner which was suggested by the Cyprus Greens Party.

Pointing out that Political Party Representatives supported the united, multi-cultural community which shows respect for the rights and culture of the citizens and community, Tomova emphasized that she criticized the attack on Turkish Cypriots by some Greek Cypriots and also the violence which supports ethnic discrimination.

Özgürgün receives Sweetman

Leader of National Union Party (UBP) Hüseyin Özgürgün received High Commissioner of Australia Alan Sweetman.

Ozgurgun receives Alan Sweetman

Sweetman paid a courtesy visit to Özgürgün after he was appointed as the Australian High Commissioner to Cyprus.

Özgürgün gave information on the recent development with regard to the Cyprus problem at the reception and conveyed the general opinion of UBP on the Cyprus issue.

IMF is in the island

A delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in the island for the preparation of cost and sustainability of the solution of the Cyprus problem.


According to the Greek Cypriot daily Haravgi, the delegation of IMF visited the island following the invitation of South Cyprus for research concerning the solution parameters of the Cyprus problem. The newspaper also added based on the resources that the duty authority entitled to IMF are; to make searches on the macro economy within the framework of the reunification of Cyprus, to analyze the budget of TRNC and South Cyprus, to determine the strategies and conditions in economy and to analyze the statistical facts.

The newspaper stated that the decision of involvement of IMF is taken by the Greek Cypriot government which thinks that the solution of the Cyprus problem will be eased by this action and pointed out however that there are concerns and thoughts on both sides.

Greek Cypriot Administration refuses joining the financial aid fund for Turkey and opening negotiation chapters

It was stated that Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades refused the European Commission’s decision for providing financial aid to Turkey for supporting 2.2 million Syrian refugees, and also opening EU membership chapters of Turkey.

Anastasiades refuses aid to Turkey

It was also stated that some directions were given to the Greek Cypriot authorities before the Turkey-EU summit to be held in Brussels on Sunday.

According to the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, the European Commission and the Turkish State wished to make a joint declaration for opening of 15. 23. and 24.negotiation chapters following the summit on Sunday.  It was also pointed out that the European Commission has decided to form 3 billion euros financial aid for Turkey.  Fileleftheros qualified providing the fund as “Unacceptable”.

55 refugees to be sent to Lebanon

It was stated that 55 of the 114 refugees who arrived at the Akrotiri Base in two fishing boats about one month ago have been found suspected of being related to illegal activities and they were not accepted by the Greek Cypriot Administration and the British bases. It was also stated that the refugees will be sent back to Lebanon.

55 refugees to be sent to Lebanon

According to the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, a Greek Cypriot authority stated that studies have been conducted on how to send the refugees to Lebanon.

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