Cyprusscene just keeps on Growing!


By Chris Elliott…….

Yes just keeps on growing,  when we look back to this time 3 years ago when we decided to move away from being contributing writers in local newspapers and start a “Blog” which we called Cyprusscene.

Why did we do this? Well for a start we could control all that we wrote and see it published daily rather than working to a newspaper publishing deadline with some articles never seeing the light of day. It is very gratifying to be able to see daily what our international readers choose to read and to see these readers continue to grow with Online newsmore followers registering to receive news feeds every day.

There is a distinct difference between a hard copy newspaper which is perhaps based upon 32 pages into which the editors have to try to cram as much news and reviews as possible. With a news blog, the world is your oyster as you just keep on writing and publishing and there is no size restriction as articles can be as big or as small as you want, plus we can add pictures, videos and soundtracks.

As many of our readers will have seen, we have together with our contributing writers developed many well researched articles about people, history and places in Cyprus and in many cases this has resulted in article chats starting with people making friends and then offering more memories which have then been published.

Although we started writing about Cyprus, along the way we have had many articles contributed which are more about life outside our beautiful island aWorldwide friendsnd long may that continue.

Not bad when you consider we are all hobby writers with a passion for writing about the life and times of where we  live and also we want to promote North Cyprus so the world can see it as it is,  a jewel in the Mediterranean.

We also try to give as much support as possible to help people and organisations, including charities, and are thankful that so many of them send us photos and information for us to publish so I think we must be doing something right..

With ever growing sources of information needed to be published this does restrict the time we have to be out and about learning more of the communities’ needs and successes so it would be nice perhaps to find a few like minded folk who would like to join our merry band of enthusiasts.

If there are any folk who have stepped back from the hurly burly side of life and are now relaxing and looking to develop their creativity through a little voluntary writing and also image and text publishing, then we will be pleased to hear from you and perhaps you would like to send a message with your details through the contact box below.