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Visit to Wayne’s Keep

10th November 2015


By Margaret Sheard…..

When some of the British ex-servicemen visit North Cyprus for the Kyrenia Remembrance service at The Old British Cemetery, I usually organise a trip to Wayne’s Keep while they are here and this year we were joined by 2 ex-Royal Horse Guards veterans and the wife of one of them, so we were a group of 8.  Our party should have been 9 but unfortunately Chris was in the process of renewing his passport and although the old one had been returned, the new one had not arrived in time.  Of course, as is usually the case, the new one arrived the next day!

The group was made up of Derek Chilvers, Mick Burland and Terry Covell of the Suffolk Regiment, Harry (Henry) Wyn Jones of the Royal Corps of Signals, and Brian Worthy and Les Smith of the Royal Horse Guards, plus Les’s wife Shena, and myself.

We arrived at Ledra Palace and were warmly welcomed by the UN personnel before meeting Sgt Stephen Studders, the current Wayne’s Keep Custodian and Padre Colin Bell, who would be taking us on the tour this year.   We boarded the bus and off we went to our first port of call, Wayne’s Keep Cemetery.

Wayne's Keep

I always find visiting the cemetery quite an emotional experience and this visit was no exception as I had offered to lay a cross on 2 graves for people in the UK.  Brian, Les and Shena also had 7 wreaths to place on the graves of their ex-comrades of the Royal Horse Guards and Derek, Mick and Terry place a cross on the grave of a fallen Suffolk Regiment soldier.   So we all split up to find the final resting place of these young men who had died while in the service of their country.  We were all aware of the plot and grave numbers so just needed the help of the Custodian and Padre to point us in the right direction.Allen C Rye

I first found the grave of Airman Allen C Rye who died in Cyprus on 25th April 1951 at the age of 19 and I placed a cross on behalf of Allen’s nephew. Bill Rye.  I am currently trying to establish more information about this young man who was the twin brother of Bill’s father, William Rye, who also served in Cyprus at the time of his brother Allen’s death.

Next I visited the grave of Ian Reginald Collins of the Royal Ian R CollinsBerkshire Regiment who died on 23rd May 1957 aged 21 years.   This cross was placed on behalf of Bob Scott, who also served with the Royal Berkshire Regiment and was a very close friend of Ian from the days they were in the Cubs and Scouts together, and he has told us he helped carry the coffin of his friend who was initially buried in the south, however, after the 1974 intervention it was necessary for him to be moved from his resting place and he was transferred to Wayne’s Keep Cemetery.  Although this was very upsetting for Bob at the time, he said at least Ian is now with his own.

After everyone had paid their respects, we gathered together and the Padre gave a short but very poignant service which I think everyone appreciated.

Padre gives a service

We then boarded the bus again and went to the old Nicosia International Airport, where we saw the remains of the Trident aircraft which still sits there and we had a slow drive along the front of the airport building.


We next went to St Columba Church, which is in the Buffer Zone, where there is a lovely chapel and an area with memorabilia which was of great interest to our group members.  While the others were in the church, I had a chat with our driver, Lance Corporal James Kamau who told me he is originally from Kenya, he moved to London in the UK, and has been in the army for 5 years.

The Chapel in St Columba Church

We then returned to Ledra Palace and, as we neared, the Custodian pointed out Wolseley Barracks which was of great interest to one of our group, Harry, who had spent some time there during his service in Cyprus, so he and the Custodian got off the bus to spend a little time there.  Harry said he was quite overcome when he was at the Barracks and was thrilled at the opportunity to recall some of his memories.

We met up again with Chris who was waiting for us at the checkpoint and made our way back to Kyrenia to drop everyone off at the Pia Bella Hotel, after a very nice few hours for the ex-servicemen to enjoy reminiscing about their various military service time in Cyprus all those years ago.

The group


10 thoughts on “Visit to Wayne’s Keep – 10th November 2015

  1. Great piece of writing with grateful thanks on behalf of those unable to travel to Cyprus and still feel apart of all that goes on there. A personal thanks to Margaret Sheard for making this all happening. Bob Scott.

    1. Thank you Bob, there are probably many, like yourself, who are unable to manage the journey and we are only too pleased to be able to contribute in some way to mark the Remembrance and what it stands for.

    2. Absolutely great! I wish I could have been there with you. Maurice Lane ex Royal Horse Guard, 2 Troop ‘B’ Squadron, Cyprus Veteran

      1. Perhaps one year you will make the trip. It was nice to meet a couple of ex-Royal Horse Guards veterans and we enjoyed the experience of visiting Wayne’s Keep as a group with ex-servicemen of other regiments.

  2. Thank you Margaret for what was a moving but never the less a very enjoyable day for making it possible to get into Wayne’s Keep for Brian and I to lay the poppy wreaths on behalf of the Royal Horse Guards Cyprus Veterans.
    Les Smith

    1. I think we all enjoyed the visit, and it was nice to meet you and your wife and Brian. There is also a comment from Maurice Lane of the Royal Horse Guards. We love to write about those early days of national service in Cyprus so if you have any memories you would like to share we would be pleased to publish them on our website.

  3. A nice write up Margaret. Thank you for all your work in getting us to Waynes Keep, it was really nice to see Royal Horse Guards in print again.

    1. My pleasure Brian, it is easy to organise and the Wayne’s Keep Custodians are always so helpful. It was nice to meet you and also Les and Shena and as I have said to Les, if you have any memories you would like to share as an article on our website, we would be happy to publish them.

  4. I envy all those present at the visit to Waynes Keep on 10th November 2015 and to the Kyrenia Memorial Service on 11th November 2015. I wish I could have been there. Maurice Lane ex Royal Horse Guard, Cyprus Veteran.

  5. Thanks to Shena and Les. Who were able to lay a wreath on Trooper R.A. Fitzpatrick’s Head Stone. Late 12th Royal Lancers and Boys Squadron RAC.
    Like Maurice. I wish I could have been there with you all.
    Major(Maj) Bowen ex 5 Troop. RHG.

    (note) Major being my First name. ( Known as Maj)

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