Multimax update their

customers about TRNC

internet issues

By Chris Elliott…….

How many of our local readers have been experiencing snail’s pace internet over the past week. From this Multimax email to its customers it seems that all internet users may well have had issues.

In this day and age it’s great  to see a company keeping its customers informed of issues and advising the action they are taking.

Well done Multimax.


“Recent issues affecting customers

Dear Customer,

Over the last week there have been periodic widespread issues with Internet access here in North Cyprus. This has been affecting many Internet Service Providers in North Cyprus and their customers. These issues stem from what appear to be periodic cyber attacks on ISP’s connections out to Turkey and or problems with the Turk Telekom link from the TRNC to Turkey itself. We and other service providers have been working with Turk Telekom to get these issue resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there has been some delays in dealing with these Snails pace internetissue on Turk Telekom’s side related to complications arising from the election period in Turkey.

If you have been experiencing periods of slow or even no Internet access, typicaly in the region of 5-15 minutes during the last week the chances are that your issues are related to these general problems. If you have sustained problems with your connection then please do inform us directly so we can investigate further.

Our team at Multimax are working hard to answer calls and other forms of communication on issues for customers, and we ask for your patience and understanding whilst these issue are ongoing.

Multimax Team