Buyukkonuk Eco Day – 11th October 2015

Bűyűkkonuk Eco Day

By Margaret Sheard…..

Having missed a couple of the Eco Day events in Bűyűkkonuk this year and also having another commitment for Sunday 11th October, Visitors to Eco Dayrather than miss this Eco Day, I made my way on my own to Bűyűkkonuk to join in the festivities while Chris covered the other event.

After a lovely quiet journey to the village I was amazed to see what looked like hundreds of cars in huge parking areas at the edge of the village, the main street was closed to traffic and so I found a place to park as near as I could and walked into Man on stiltsthe village along with masses of people all ready to enjoy the day.

On the way I noticed a man on stilts who scooped up a little boy and pretended to run off with him, much to the delight of the people passing by.

There was a huge number of stalls around the church in the centre of the village and all along the main street selling a vast assortment of items such as locally produced bread, jam, honey, carob syrup, vegetables, plants, and there were other stalls with jewellery, and many other interesting items as well as many stalls producing food items for the many visitors.

Stalls around the Church

I spotted Hasan Eminağa from Dizayn74 Pottery demonstrating on the potter’s wheel and also people from the area where I live who had come to enjoy the Eco Day, I bumped into Lois Cemal who, with her husband Ismail, runs the Delcraft shop at the end of the village.  Lois was taking a day off and was enjoying being able to join in with the crowds for a change.

left Hasan of Dizayn74

Along the main street I noticed large smoking urns and have since been told that olive leaves are burned and people waft the smoke towards themselves 3 times for good health and good luck.

Visitors and fig burning urn

I ambled around looking at the various stalls and drinking in the atmosphere.  It was a very hot day and I found myself somewhere to sit in the shade and watch the world go by.   I was sitting in the area where there was to be folk dancing and a concert but had been told that all music had been cancelled in view of the tragic events in Ankara the day before.   I had asked Lois about this as I was not even sure if the Eco Day would take place although it would have been very short notice to cancel it and Lois told me that they had a meeting the evening before and it had been decided to continue with the Eco Day as planned but there would be no music as a mark of respect for those who had died in Ankara and their families and also the injured people that they have a speedy recovery. A large backdrop had been put up where the entertainment was due to take place which said “Your pain is our pain – Condolences to all of us”.


I got myself something to eat and sat in the Delcraft area, which although closed for the day, had their normal outside tables available, and I sat with some people from Famagusta and later another couple joined us, Turkish Cypriots from London who were on holiday, and I spoke with Latif and his wife Ayla and learned that Latif, when he first went to London, had lived in the same house as Ahmet Dervisağa of Paradise Holiday Village which is near to where we live and the family are good friends.  Small world.  Ayla said she was now retired but had previously had a travel agency in London where she promoted North Cyprus as much as she could and I told her this is what we try to do here.

Interesting items

Jewellery and Plants

I said farewell to these nice people and started to make my way back through the village to pick up my car and make the long journey home.   Why is it that whichever way you walk, people are always walking in the opposite direction, with the sun shining in my eyes it was a long walk but eventually I arrived at my parking spot and started to drive out of the village, to see major queues of traffic still coming in.

It looks as if this Eco Day was a huge success and thanks must be given to the organisers who had a huge task in arranging all of this so well.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning us in your review it was nice to meet you we appreciate the hard work you do in promoting North Cyprus. I just need to correct you on one point the Large burners are for burning Olive branches which give a strong aroma and it is traditional to flow the smoke with your hand three times for Luck the normal sizde burners are small and hand held.We will be following your site for updates in North Cyprus with great interest.

    • It was nice to meet you and your husband in Buyukkonuk and thank you for the information about the burners. I will correct my article with this information for future readers.