Macaron Restaurant, Alsancak – Sunday roast and music by Jamie

Sunday Roast at Macaron

Restaurant, Alsancak

with music by Jamie (the Man in Black)


By Margaret Sheard…..

Friends from the UK, Keith and Norma, were making their second visit this year for a long stay in North Cyprus and we arranged to take them to the Macaron Restaurant in Alsancak for a late Sunday roast and to catch up with Jamie who was doing his usual Sunday performance there.

Keith and Norma

We booked for 4pm so that Keith would have a chance of saying hello to Jamie who has given him some guitar lessons during some of his visits in the past, although during this visit he had found it too hot to make the effort.

Just prior to leaving the house to travel to Macaron RestaurantAlsancak the thunder started rumbling over the mountains and the heavens opened with much needed rain but a shame it didn’t hold off for a while so we could enjoy our meal outside.  When we arrived everything had been moved inside and we made our way to the upstairs dining room which meant that the waiters were kept busy running up and down stairs, however, they managed to serve everyone and I understand they had been extremely busy earlier on so no doubt they were starting to flag a little.

Keith, Chris, Norma, Margaret

We ordered drinks and our meal and the usual mezes arrived in advance of the starter and main course we had chosen.  The rain continued to come and go while we were eating and Jamie arrived to set up his equipment in the dining room but no sooner had he got everything ready when there was a power cut.   That was good for us as Jamie was able to sit and have a chat and catch up with his “student” Keith.


The electricity eventually came back on so Jamie picked up his guitar and could at least give the diners some entertainment, although for less time than usual.   As we had to get home for a certain time we were not able to stay to the end of Jamie’s performance but we enjoyed listening to him whilst we were there and of course there will be another time in the future prior to his departure back to Turkey early in November.   We will be sorry to see him go.

To see Jamie’s gig schedule look at our North Cyprus Events Calendar, currently for the remainder of September.   So if you would like to say bye bye to Jamie and Teresa you can go along to one of his gigs between now and the end of October.