December 9, 2023

Girne Amphitheatre coming

to life with music festivals

By Heidi Trautmann…..

As from June onwards the Cultural Department of the Girne Municipality have put all their energy into filling the Amphitheatre with cultural activity and life. That was fantastic news as I was very sorry to see it covered in weed and to slide into obscurity. It is a fantastic place right by the sea and a pleasure to visit for a cultural event on a summer evening with the stars above you. You may follow up their activities on facebook under ‘Girne Belediye Kültür Sanat Günleri’.

Kara Toprak

I could not go to all events but I had the pleasure to listen to Fazil Say on the piano and Serenad Bağçan vocal, at the beginning of June; I loved the piece Kara Toprak/Black soil;

…..the theatre was full to the last seat.

Now in the middle of August we went to the Blues Festival which we used to yearly attend at the Jasmine Court, then and today sponsored by Efes Brewery. At the entrance we were asked if we had drinks in our bag, if yes, we must leave it at the entrance because Efes had installed stands with drinks and food. That was new.

Blues Festival

Wow, the stage had the image of a highly modern stage, metal structure with all the lighting and effects plunging the musicians in a sea of changing coloured light pools. Very important and effective to have a generous sponsor!  It is not easy to fill the amphitheatre with guests during the month of August but nearly more than half the ranks filled with jazz and blues lovers; next to me sat an elderly couple very conservatively looking but when the music started… oh oh …. they became alive with the beat.

Concert 3

Here are some links to concerts the musicians of this event were in at other places; enjoy!!!

We enjoyed the evening tremendously with the many different groups and soloists, great musicians all, but honestly, for my poor ears too loud. I have the impression that our friends here are all half deaf because they seem to like it that way. I had the bass resound in my belly and rib cage, really hurting.  Actually, I am used to jazz and blues events less loud, having been to New Orleans and Lafayette, or the famous festivals in Burghausen.


However, I am very happy to see the Amphitheatre filled with great events; it would also be a great place to use it in the times between festivals and concerts as an open air cinema. Perhaps the new cultural head at the Girne Belediye, Derman Atik, can find a party interested in sponsoring such an idea.

4 thoughts on “Music Festivals at Girne Amphitheatre – Review

  1. I always find events at the Amphitheatre are not advertised well at all.
    I live way out of Girne and would have definitely visited most of the concers I missed owing to simply not knowing they were on. Pretty much the same at Bellapais abbey.
    Poor advertising in my view.

    1. Hi Bill, we share your frustration. Many times we have been into the Girne Belediyesi public relations department and left our cyprusscene .com card and asked then to circulate us with news of their events so we can put it into our weekly events calendar.

      Do the?, no, that’s perhaps just one reason why it’s not advertised widely.

  2. It is a shame that advertising these events is often limited to a banner in the centre of Girne, that is how we found out about the Blues concert. I have spoken to many people since that concert who were upset that they had not heard about it. Given the quality of acts appearing that night I believe the amphitheatre would have been full if it had been advertised.

    As Heidi Trautmann commented above, the amphitheatre is a superb venue but for some reason the managers seem oblivious to its potential.

    1. Hello David,

      How right you are, despite repeated requests for information from the Girne Belediiyesi it never comes.

      We have just been tagged by a FB friend with details of an event by the Turksoy Opera at Bellapais Abbey tomorrow and Friday. How on earth can we capture peoples attention at such short notice.

      One day the penny may drop that the expats are potential supporters.

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