May 31, 2023

Name Dropper, Chapter 10  

 I am still a celebrity!


By Peter Wills……..

It is some two years since I finished writing this memoir and it is amazing what’s happened since then.

As this last chapter was mainly about me it would be remiss to leave out some of the more recent ‘public appearances’ of yours truly, particularly as I hope some of them will have a bearing on my remaining years here on this beautiful island of Cyprus.

In the early months of 2014 I became very much involved with the organisation of the first ever “Golden Island International Film Festival” which, over the course of a week, welcomed over 600 visitors to the island, including actors and actresses, film directors and producers, press and media and, of course, the showing of over 140 films – some shorts, some documentaries and some feature length.

There was an illustrious Gala Opening Night – true Hollywood style – with the traditional red carpet, flashing light bulbs, TV,  stunning outfits, celebrities and even awards.  Then after a hectic week of film presentations across North Cyprus, I was honoured to co-host the finale night with more award presentations and the showing of winning films.

Also, in connection with this event I appeared on ADA TV with Maggie White and on Bayrack TV with both Can Gazi and Denise Phillips.

Initial preparations are now underway for the second festival to be held in spring 2016.

* * * * * * * *

Still on the subject of films and filming, it is my ambition to see North Cyprus become a hotspot for the production of films and perhaps, the creation of a film idustry in the true sense of the word. Having already set up the organisation a couple of years ago I am now working towards the setting up of a Film Commision for North Cyprus which will create a sense of professionalism within the industry and encourage more directors to choose North Cyprus for their next location.  This in turn can only benefit tourism and the economy of the country.


Maybe I better stay in the jungle for a little while longer!

North Cyprus Film banner



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