June 3, 2023


Re article by Ken Hibbitt of ASAP :
“Ongoing attacks on legal entertainers who left
Northern Cyprus”

By Chris Elliott…….

We have made it plain on a number of occasions to our readers that CyprusScene.com is not a forum. Having said that we do receive comments which are sometimes controversial and providing they are not disruptive or damaging to people or organisations we will publish them. We often seek additional information to support comments when people are asking for help.

Barry Snakes 2
Barry Stewart aka Barry Snakes

What we will not publish however is personal attacks that seek to belittle and bully people but we have decided to publish this comment below with this reply as a warning for those that also try to do the same.

To ensure there is no doubt of what has been said we are showing a picture of the comment notification received from Barry Stewart aka Barry Snakes who had worked for ASAP in the past before he became disaffected and troublesome and was asked to leave their employ .(email address known but not shown below and we have received previous postings from this email address all of which are on record) 

As for the suggestion that illegal workers are running CyprusScene.com, Barry Stewart aka Barry Snakes has tried to peddle this malicious suggestion before which we have replied to and our readers can see both comments and replies at the bottom of each article by clicking here and clicking here

Our readers may read this comment below and wonder at the mindset of someone who can write messages like this and for what reason.

To read the Ken Hibbitt article on CyprusScene.com referred to in the comment below please click here.

Barry Snakes comment on cyprusscene

2 thoughts on “Cyprusscene.com attacked by disaffected ex ASAP entertainer

  1. Unbelievable that there are people like this in the world, probably why the world is in the state its in. We thank you for keeping this amazing website going and are grateful to you.

  2. The contents and choice of language used by the writer of the email speaks volumes about his character.

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