March 28, 2023

Ongoing attacks on legal

entertainers who left Northern Cyprus




Re: Andrew Tait and Glen King.


I would like to clarify the situation with regard to the malicious allegations being made against the above two artists.

I joined the All Stars Agency in April 2015 as Manager, to be faced with antagonism from certain artists in the agency against new artists to North Cyprus. These original artists resented the arrival of new artists and did everything possible to denigrate their professional status.

To make matters worse there was a homophobic element among the original artists as well.

It was made clear to all artists (supported by a new contract) that attacks upon other artists was a disciplinary matter.

Very early in my time as Manager, one agency artist in particular was warned about posting homophobic comments about Andrew and Glen on a public forum.

There was a further avenue of aggression against Glen King and Andrew TaitAndrew and Glen from an ex-pat entertainer who operated illegally, and who was a good friend of the troublemaker Agency artist.

The situation came to a head when totally unfounded allegations were made on a local public forum accusing Andrew and Glen of male prostitution and suggestions of paedophilia. The Agency contacted the regulators of the forum and had the thread removed.

Unfortunately the damage had already been done.

The situation came to the notice of the local English newspaper, Cyprus Today, who sought advice from the police who stated in print that there was no case to answer.

Unfortunately one of the protagonists was the same Agency artist who had made homophobic comments in the past, and he was immediately dismissed from the Agency.

This ex Agency artist along with the illegal artist who started the forum thread, continued their assault on Andrew and Glen by any means possible. It goes without saying that such assaults on their lives and livelihood had a profound effect on their health.

Only one part of the claims made is partially true. Faced with the illegal entertainer in question appearing at a bar that Andrew and Glen called into, resulted in the pressure boiling over. A verbal altercation began which did result in Glen assaulting the illegal artist. Myself and friends were present when this happened. The illegal artiHate crime posterst initially claimed that his mouth was bleeding. I and many witnesses saw no blood at all. This then progressed to slackened teeth by the time he told his story to the newspaper, and now it appears to have progressed to a broken jaw. Given that the illegal artist was performing immediately after the incident, it must have been a miraculous recovery.

We all assumed that when Andrew and Glen left TRNC, that would be the end of the matter, but unfortunately not.

Some individuals now seem intent on carrying on with their unfounded homophobic character assassination against Andrew and Glen in the UK.

The first incident was by Skype phone to an Andrew Sings client, followed up by a second phone call from a UK phone number, and now we see that an email assault has been launched via a web site that was advertising their participation in a UK event and it was as follows. It has since been confirmed by Yahoo that the person who created this email address has since deleted it.

 “Name: aron



 “Why are 2 entertainers, who have recently escaped arrest by the skin of their teeth in Northern Cyprus, being allowed to take their karaoke show to the Food Festival. They are wanted by the Police and cannot re enter the country. If they do Glen King will be arrested. \he violently attacked another entertainer in front of many people, and left him with serious facial injuries. They were also know to the Police for their other vile sordid behavior. Inc. trying to run a kinky all male brothel from their rented home in a small peaceful village.They had left Turkey around 2 years earlier under similar circumstances. They are known for being troublemakers, with the excuse that it is because they mix alcohol with drugs. They came to work at the agency I worked for and right away they caused unrest with many people and other professional artists. But the agency manager /owner was involved with them socially, Also allegations have been made about under age boys. You need to check this out, Cyprus Today, newspaper may help.”

I can categorically state that the allegations made in the email are totally unfounded. I employed Andrew and Glen as entertainers in Turkey before I moved to TRNC and again can categorically state that in no way did they leave Turkey for the reasons stated. The reason for moving to TRNC was quite simple, work permits were available and they believed that they could carry out their profession legally. Unfortunately they did not expect to encounter personal and professional attacks on their character from jealous, bigoted homophobes.

I would also like to add that this ongoing activity by person or persons who cannot be named, who choose to hide behind anonymity, has affected all legal entertainers employed by All Star Agency Promotions as they viewed these activities as a potential threat to their livelihood. It is hoped that the agency will be sold but if not, it will close within the next two months and then the only expatriate entertainers who will continue to offer their services in Northern Cyprus will be illegal as they will not have work permits and they may well feel the hand of the local authorities on their collars.

Ken Hibbitt

All Stars Agency Promotions


To read more of the reasons for Andrew Tait and Glen King leaving North Cyprus click here

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6 thoughts on “Ongoing attacks on legal entertainers who left Northern Cyprus

  1. Well done to Cyprus scene for publishing this letter. I would be interested to know why the authorities have not dealt with the alleged illegal entertainers, why are they able to make allegations against others to the police yet continue to break the laws of TRNC themselves?

  2. Chris Elliot you really need to re establish the shit you publish ! If you try to use your minuscule brain you will realise that all the ASAP management (joke) came from Turkey ! And where no one other than Turkish cant you get a work permit ????? Er yes Turkey !!!! thats why they quite rightly came to Cyprus so Ken (the Northern nob) Hibbit could not have employed Andrew Sings in Turkey as he was ILLEGAL also ! Why are you so bloody stupid are you there forgotten lover ???? Please answer my questions as you are illegal also ! You do not have a work permit for receiving money on your website and the authorities know this and are investigating ! I award you Kind NOB of the year wake up you daft sod !! I will not let this go as you are so one sided you need to be exposed for the idiot you really are ! dont cross me anymore Chris I am so pissed off with you F in idiots !

    1. We have made it plain on a number of occasions to our readers that is not a forum. Having said that we do receive comments which are sometimes controversial and providing they are not disruptive or damaging to people or organisations we will publish them. We often seek additional information to support comments when people are asking for help.

      What we will not publish however is personal attacks that seek to belittle and bully people but we have decided to publish this comment with this reply as a warning for those that also try to do the same.

      To ensure there is no doubt of what has been said we are showing a picture of the comment notification received from Barry Stewart aka Barry Snakes (email address known but not shown below and we have received previous postings from this email address all of which are on record) who had worked for ASAP in the past before he became disaffected and troublesome and was asked to leave their employ.

      As for the suggestion that illegal workers are running, Barry Stewart aka Barry Snakes has tried to peddle this malicious suggestion before which we have replied to and our readers can see both comments and replies at the bottom of each article by clicking here and clicking here

      Our readers may read this comment and wonder at the mindset of someone who can write messages like this and for what reason.

      To read the Ken Hibbitt article on referred to in the comment below please click here.
      Barry Stewart aka barry Snakes

      Comment received from Barry Stewart aka barr Snakes

  3. Thanks for posting this Chris. I hope people can now see the lies that the protagonists have continued to spread for what they really are – sensationalised and twisted lies. Our health was more important to us than defending our reputation and that is why we left North Cyprus. The despicable and vile accusations being thrown our way were affecting our mental health. We have now started a new career here in the UK and still these vile liars continue to spread their twisted stories to try to ruin us, with absolutely no compassion for the serious state of Glen’s health – who has suffered from the very serious bi-polar condition for nearly 10 years now. Fortunately our clients here in the UK are not small-minded bigots and have all shrugged off the accusations for what they are – a sensational, homophobic and childish attempt to discredit us. There has not been a shred of evidence to support any of their accusations – some of which are very serious and potentially put our own safety at risk. May they hang their heads in shame, and may they also take note that any further defamation, slander, libel or hate crime that comes under the jurisdiction of the UK police will be referred to the authorities immediately ! We very much miss the lovely friends and supporters that we made in North Cyprus and we are very sorry we had to leave, but we know those who are true friends will understand why we did so. They will always be welcome at any of our UK gigs if they are ever in town ! Thank you cyprusscene and All Stars Agency Promotions for all your support and help, and thank you to all our TRNC friends. We hope someday we will meet again.

  4. Andrew and Glen are lovely people ,gentlemen who are well mannered and kind , I lived in Turkey the same time as them , so I knew them personally . There was absolutely no question of them being wanted by police for anything what’s so ever . This is total fabrication and utterly disgraceful to attempt to blacken anyone’s name ! And through what plain jealousy ! They were obviously better entertainers than the guy making the totally unfounded allegations !
    They love music and love to entertain others through their music .
    This accuser needs to get a life , poor tortured jealous brain that he has needs therapy .

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