May 31, 2023

Environmental Protection

Teneke Cocuk, Can Kid

Bring Hope to our Kids by Recyling used Beverage Cans!

By Ralph Kratzer

Can KidRecycling is still not a big issue in North Cyprus, but there are more and more people here who are committed to it. We recently reported about the owner of the Şah Marketplace in Çatalköy and his passion for recycling (to remember – click here!).

Recently, members of the association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) were visited by two young volunteers of the Cyprus Green Action Group, which is commited to the recycling of used beverage cans to help sick children with the proceeds.

I quote from the brochure of the organization:

Who are we?

Can Kid_3Green Action Group, a civil society organization known for its social struggle in ALL aspects of environmental issues, was established in 1988 in order to raise awareness in the following concept: “Living peacefully without harming & destroying the environment and respecting all living things actually benefits human health and existence”.

Purpose of the “Can Kid”

Young child with thermometer and sweet taddy lying in bed with flu and fever. Child with a temperature.

Used beverage cans (UBC) result in pollution as they may remain in nature without decomposing for many years. We aim to collect and recycle UBC to raise money to buy much-needed equipment for the “CHILDREN´S UNITS” in our hospitals.

Why can recycling?

  • An aluminium can decomposes in 200-250 years
  • Recycled tins return to the shelves in 60 days
  • The energy gained by recycling of only one can is enough to power a TV for 3 hours
  • It is possible to make 10 big airplanes by recycling beverage cans consumed around the world in a year

It is so easy to contribute!

  • As a CAN KID collector. You collect and place UBC into CAN HOUSES (can containers). Note: Only beverage cans will be recycled!
  • As a CAN KID volunteer. You contact the organization (details below), support them with manpower and help them growing.
  • As a CAN HOUSE owner. Businesses and individuals can sponsor one of the containers needed to collect UBC island-wide.

Can Kid_2More and more CAN HOUSES are now being installed in Northern Cyprus. So please, dear readers, watch out for one of them and leave your empty beverage cans there. You help the environment and sick children!

The team of authors of this website will pursue this issue further and keep you up to date.

Contact CAN KID:

Phone: 0533 865 5465



Recycling of Alu

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