November 26, 2022

13th Cyprus Theatre Festival

High standard theatre for the whole month of September


By Heidi Trautmann…….

The month of September has for thirteen years been the month dedicated to theatre, and all theatre lovers know it, come back in time from their holidays, keep the dates of performance free of any appointments, rush to get tickets because it is an outstanding opportunity to have a row of high standard professional theatre in Cyprus.Face

Good theatre must not necessarily be translated into one’s own language in order to be enjoyed; good acting, choreography and the actors’ body language are features that tell the story with other means than words.

During a press conference held in August at the Oscar Hotel in Girne we have been given the details for the Theatre Festival in September. Lefkoşa Belediye Tiyatrosu/Nicosia Municipality Theatre, short LBT, have started the preparations months ago, it is an enormous task, but they were all ready with material for publication and for the reception of the theatre groups to come from Turkey. The Festival Committee headed by Kiymet Karabiber with Aliye Ummanel as repertory coordinator, consists of Press conference13 people who all will see to it that the festival runs off smoothly; the expert theatre equip will assist with stage work, lighting, works backstage and front of the house.

The conference was opened by Kiymet Karabiber – with Yaşar Ersoy, the grey eminence of theatre and culture at her side – welcoming and thanking all the supporters of the coming event, first of all the Oscar Hotel, Oscar Rent-a-car, then K-Pet Energy, Bellapais Monastery Village and Avenue Dereboyu, Riverside and Kibhasç  The Mayor of Nicosia Municipality, Mehmet Harmancı, and patron of the festival, spoke about the importance of theatre. With many TV channels present, the people of the island will be informed and the hunt for tickets can begin.Press conference 2

It is again an exquisite programme we will be offered to see in eight shows throughout the month. Please find the programme by clicking here. All performances will start at 21.00 hrs at the Atatürk Congress Hall at the Near East University.  In the entrance hall we shall hear three musical groups from the Nicosia Municipality Orchestra who will start putting us into the right mood for theatre at 20.30 hrs at each performance.

For theatre lovers I recommend to visit the theatres’ websites, or if you enter the individual plays you will get enough information; five of the plays are by playwrights other than Turkish so you may even find a description in English. It is what I usually do. Theatre does not know any borders.

Our LBT Theatre / Nicosia Municipality Theatre are showing the play ‘Halktan Biri’ on Sep 21; you’ll find my review on my website by clicking here

Ticket Sales at Avenue Dereboyu  Price TL 20 and 140 TL for all performances.

Contact: Nicosia Municipal Theatre  0392 227 8782

Programme poster

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