TRNC News Today 24th August 2015 – FM Çolak: “We are in a hopeful period”

TRNC News Today 24th August 2015

Foreign Minister Çolak: “We are in a hopeful period”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Çolak said that a hopeful period has been reached on the Cyprus problem and all citizens of the island should preserve it.

In her interview to weekly Greek Cypriot daily Kathimerini, Çolak emphasized that both sides need to move away from maximalist demands and asked the Greeks to review their demands once again, adding that guarantees should not delay a solution in Cyprus.  According to the news, Çolak emphasized that there were periods in the past that negotiations has been broken, but today, intensified negotiations have been in progress and this is very important.

Emine Colak - We are hopeful

Indicating that they are facing a process where the solution perspective was on the focus Çolak stated that the impression in the two communities on the island is in this direction and this impression should not be dynamited.  Mentioning the issue of property, Çolak said that this issue is very sensitive, there are people from both sides of the island who have lost their properties, and this issue has economic dimensions and legal relationship in terms of human rights.

Furthermore, Çolak said that the European Court of Human Rights gave a series of important decisions about property, adding that her personal opinion is that these decisions could form the basis for a solution.  As an answer to a question about the Turkey origin citizens Çolak said that there should be no discrimination between the people; it is not possible to ignore the rights of the people who were born in Cyprus and know this country as their own land. Regarding the natural gas on the island, Çolak stated that the both sides of the island have sensitivity on this issue. Foreign Minister Çolak also stated she believes that Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades gives the message that he wants to see this wealth to be shared equally to all Cypriots, adding that this wealth should not create tension.

Greek Cypriots “Pro-settlement for the first time”

According to the results of a survey conducted in South Cyprus; Greek Cypriots are pro-settlement for the first time since 2004. Greek Cypriot daily Politis reported that according to the results of a survey conducted by Cyprus University Research Center in South Cyprus, Greek Cypriots are pro-settlement and look positive for the Turkish Cypriots for the first time since 2004.

The newspaper also reported that 508 people attended the survey conducted between 27 July-5 August,  the majority will vote ‘yes’ in a referenda but votes of indecisive will determine the result.

Missing persons of 52 years found

The remains of Şevket Kadir and İbrahim Nidai, who had been stopped and arrested at a Greek barricade while they were returning from Girne to Lapta on December 25th 1963 and then they were murdered and lost, have been found at a point near Karaoğlanoğlu.

It was stated that after Kadir and Nidai were murdered by Greek Cypriots they were thrown into a ‘gamini’ (coal pit) with their vehicle and covered with soil.

Missing 52 years

Doing an excavation after a notice from one of the Greeks who were involved in that calamitous event, the Committee of Missing Persons reached the lost car.

Watching the excavation in the area, the son of Şevket Kadir, Salahi Uçkan expressed his feelings that “it is like my dad also died today”.

Saying that her father’s biggest wish was to be buried somewhere with the Turkish flag flying, the daughter of İbrahim Nidai, İmren Türk emphasized that she is blissful that after waiting for 52 years this wish will come true.

Çavuşoğlu was shocked by statements of Markoullis

UBP Deputy and candidate for the party leadership, Nazım Çavuşoğlu, commenting on former Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Markoullis statements in the press regarding the negotiation process said that he was shocked by the statements.

Nazim Cavasoglu

Markoullis stated that Turkish Armed Forces should withdraw from the island as soon as possible, Turkish citizens who settled after 1974 should return and these should be the main conditions of a settlement.

Çavuşoğlu responding to these claims said that such statements only fuelled a non-solution, adding that the Greek Cypriots expel a part of the TRNC citizens and we could not remain silent to this any longer.

Çavuşoğlu said conditions such as these were a violation of human rights and human nature; recent statements by Greek Cypriot officials reflected how they rejected Turkey’s full and effective guarantee on the island.

İzcan: “Communities should make necessary preparations for living together”

The leader of United Cyprus Party İzzet İzcan stated that both communities should prepare for the post-settlement, and added “Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have to be prepared for the standards of living together.”


İzcan, in his written statement, stated that media institutions, non-governmental organisations and political parties should move together to create a more insightful atmosphere for the development of communities and to make reform.

İzcan expressed that there is a  lot of work to be done for convergence of communities and living together, adding that cooperation should be made in the fields of economy, education, health, and environment that affect our daily lives.

Furthermore, İzcan added “The education systems of both communities still contain enmity and hate towards each other.  This has to change immediately, and confidence building measures should put into practice as soon as possible. United Cyprus Party will support the steps taken in this direction and will do its share”.

Elcil objected to Vice Principal of British School being dismissed

It was stated that, in his letter to the school’s Board of Directors, Secretary General of Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union and also a member of British School’s Board of Directors, Şener Elcil objected to the school’s Vice Principal Andonis Andoniu being dismissed.

British School

Greek Cypriot daily Politis noted that, in his letter, Elcil emphasized that Andoniu was dismissed without any disciplinary proceeding and warned that this matter has danger of gaining a political dimension.

According to the news, in the letter that was also sent to the Greek Administration, Elcil noted that Andoniu was known with his good relationships with Turkish Cypriots and his determinant role in the “re-participation of Turkish Cypriot students to the school”.

Noting that serving both Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, the British School is an unwanted school for “fanatic supporters of pro-division”  Elcil emphasized that even a slightest chance must not be given to the people who want to use this matter in their political goals.

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