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TRNC News Today 19th August 2015

FM Çolak receives delegation from NEU

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak, received a delegation from the Near East University (NEU).

There has been a courtesy visit of the delegation to Minister Çolak under the presidency of Chairman of Board of Trustees of NEU, İrfan Suat Günsel.

Colak receives delegates from NEU

İrfan Suat Günsel wished Çolak a successful term of office and said that the purpose of this courtesy visit was to inform about the upcoming academic year.

Saying that student enrolment at the universities in the TRNC increased by 58 percent, Günsel stated that the reason is students coming from Turkey.

Emphasizing that now more qualified students are choosing to study in the TRNC, Günsel stated that the quality of Health Sciences department and related subjects has significant influence on the increase.

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak said that the increase in student enrolment is good news and that it affects everything in a positive way. Stating that those who come to the country and spend some time here become a representative of the TRNC in a way when they return to their country,  Çolak emphasized the importance of some of these people coming back to the island later as tourists.

Çolak expressed that she wants to talk with Günsel on several topics, such as if they are ready to keep up with the increase and what the reason for the increase is.

PM Kalyoncu:  “Steps must be taken to resolve problems”

Prime Minister Kalyoncu received the Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) Fikri Toros, and his accompanying delegation yesterday.

Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu said at the reception that the country is at a critical juncture, and that they are aware that some steps must be taken to resolve several problems, especially economic problems, and to establish inner peace.

PM Ömer Kalyoncu and Fikri Toros

Stating that what every segment of society thinks is very important within this scope, Kalyoncu underlined that cooperation with TCCC, which represents an important majority of the public, is very important in securing our economic stabilization for contributing to the peace process.

Fikri Toros stated that they are ready to cooperate in order to resolve any problems by consulting the government following the pattern in previous periods.

Dürüst met with Vice Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey Arınç

Minister of National Education Kemal Dürüst met with Vice Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey Bülent Arınç in Ankara.  Bulent ArincArınç told at the meeting that took place at Çankaya Mansion that the TRNC is growing, developing, getting stronger and Turkey is always beside her brothers doing everything she can for their economic welfare, development and steady growth. Saying that their meeting is mostly about high school education and ideas about higher education Arınç emphasized: “There are important sectors in Cyprus at the point of not only tourism and economy but also education.

There are 75 thousand university students in the island that has population of 300 thousand. We know that we have 11-12 universities here. TRNC achieved success in higher education with valuable students that come from Turkey, TRNC and from other countries.  The TRNC has become one of the respected establishments in our region with her universities that has education of high quality. ”Vice Prime Minister Arınç told that, they are going to meet with Minister Dürüst about support for universities in the TRNC and some universities in Turkey opening headquarters in the TRNC.

AKEL: “We say no to a solution which involves NATO guarantee and EU army”

President of the Cyprus Problem Bureau of AKEL Central Committee, Tumazos Çelebis  warned : “If they attempt to solve the AKELmain aspects of the Cyprus problem in a way that involves NATO guarantees and the European army in Cyprus, the left have to give a ‘no vote’ to the solution”. The Greek Haravgi newspaper published Çelebis’s statements in the news that was headlined as “The solution with guarantees will enrage seriously”.  According to the news, pointing out that some people except the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades insist on the inclusion of guarantees of NATO and the European army in the solution, Celebis expressed his warnings on this regard. Çelebis said: “We have to say that if we come to that point, the left will be forced to vote negatively to such a solution. In this or that way other parties will give a negative vote as well.”

Atun: “We need a new vision to develop trade with South Cyprus”

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Sunat Atun said that a new vision and perspective needs to be developed to improve trade with South Cyprus. Indicating that increasing the capacity of the economy in the country would be possible only with the expansion of production areas  Atun said that development can be achieved with an increase in demand.

Sunat Atun

Atun also pointed out that they should be in search for foreign markets to ensure the increase in demand. Atun stated that equal weight should be given to trade with Turkey, South Cyprus and third countries in the quest for foreign markets. Atun noted that a commercial area should be considered on the basis of reciprocity in terms of import and export with South Cyprus.  Atun said that, gains in trade can only be reciprocal and not be sustainable unilaterally.  Indicating that the Green Line Regulation cannot serve its purpose therefore, a new perspective and a new vision is needed to improve trade between North and South.  Atun said that it is necessary to design a new model and submit this to the European Council.

Sucuoğlu: “It is important to protect historical monuments like Girne Harbour and Girne Castle”

Pointing out that the pearl of Cyprus is Girne, Tourism Girne or Kyrenia harbour and the Besparmak Mountains, North CyprusMinister Faiz Sucuoğlu emphasized that it is important to protect historical monuments like Girne Harbour and Girne Castle. Pointing out the importance of the Girne area in terms of tourism, Sucuoğlu said that there are 10 antique harbours in the world and one of them is Girne Harbour. He added that they are going to start studies to overcome the problems in Girne Harbour and Girne Castle in a few months.

Minimum wage limit set as 1,730 TL

President of Minimum Wage Determination Commission İsmet Lisaniler has announced that the new minimum wage limit has been set as 1,730 TL.

Minimum wage

The commission convened under the Minister for Interior and Labour, to identify a new minimum wage limit.

The announcement stated that the new wage limit has been set as 1,730 TL (up 55TL from 1,675TL). The new wage limit will be effective as of 1 September 2015.


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