March 23, 2023

Laden Ince – Summer tour in

Germany and Poland

By Heidi Trautmann…..

During the last few years I got an approximate insight of the working routine of musicians  (here of an opera singer) of their absolute discipline, their interest in music history and perfection of language and their never ending care of health and voice. It is their life, their understanding of life. They have been given a special talent and it means daily training and self-critical analyzing, often with the help of tuition and coaching and as Laden says herself, it is so important for an opera singer to get various and expert tuition.

Laden InceHere is a final report after just such an occasion in Torgau/Germany and after eight performances she did within the framework of this summer experience. I suppose she will be coming home now to pick up her daily routine and also giving tuition herself to young musicians. This is the right way to do it.

Laden Ince, the first Turkish Cypriot Opera-classical Singer trained in Europe;  in some of the finest conservatoires in Europe including the internationally prestigious Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester UK, had a wonderful time in Germany and Poland this summer.

She had first attended an intensive summer academy in Torgau, Germany where she got involved in 8 performances. Besides daily singing tuitions and various coaching, Laden had the opportunity to appear as a soloist in 6 concerts and as a chorus singer in 2 other concerts. Her performances were all very well received by the German dominant international audiences and her hard work for the German language articulation and pronunciation had paid off.

Following the academy, Laden gave a singing recital in a newly-established concert hall in the heart of Warsaw (ul.Nowy Świat), the capital of Poland on 3.08.2015. Laden was Aleksandra Bobrowskaaccompanied on the pianoforte by a very fine Polish emerging artist Aleksandra Bobrowska who also played some solo pieces by Chopin. Her rendition of Chopin pieces demonstrated a very high quality.  In the recital programme the audience could listen to a number of chamber songs – exquisite examples of pure Bel Canto – by Bellinni as well as demanding opera arias (from Don Pasquale and Die Fledermaus) and a beautiful Suleika by Mendelssohn together with a Turkish Cypriot Song ‘Zeytinden aşı mısın’ by Erdinç Gündüz & Raif Denktaş that has been rearranged by Atakan Sarı. The real high point of the evening was the final song Życzenie by Fryderyk Chopin, which Laden sang in Polish making the audience amazed with her perfection of Polish language pronunciation.

The concert offered a very high level mastery of both technique and musicality. The audiences gave a long and profound applause to the young artists. Although Aleksandra and Laden had a very brief and intense preparation for the short notice recital, their collaboration was a very impressive example of not only high professionalism but also a very much appreciated cultural and artistic exchange between the Polish and the Turkish Cypriot communities.

Laden would like to express her very sincere thanks to the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, the Kaleidoskop Turizm and a great supporter of Laden, Mrs. Karin Hansen – a very high class frequent concertgoer – for their generous support and contributions.

Laden cordially wishes to carry on collaborating with the local authorities in Cyprus in order to make the most from the artistic networks that she established through her studies in various places in Europe, and thus to continue to represent the Turkish Cypriot community with highest professionalism in the international platforms.

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