August 11, 2022

KIB-TEK remote electronic meter project

By Margaret Sheard….

Many people will today have received an SMS message from Kib-Tek KIBTEKasking for information to be sent to 9898 in respect of the new remote electronic meter project which will eventually replace the existing arrangement of manually read meters with paper bills being supplied.

This is the SMS message which many people will have received.

“For every electricity meter registered on our consumers’ name, we kindly ask them to send us an SMS for each meter individually from the GSM number they want to receive their electricity billing information on.  This SMS will be free and should be sent to 9898.  This SMS should include identification number, account number, name and surname and an email address, with a space after each information.  Electricity Authority of Northern Cyprus (KIB-TEK).”

Tüketıcı/consumer No.        *********

Hesap/Account No.             *********

Adı /First Name  (Fred)   Soyadı /Family Name  (Bloggs)

Email address :                     ***********

On reading a Facebook message from KP Daily News, this reassured readers that the SMS messages were not a hoax and consumers need to respond.  The article included the information which needs to be supplied, which differed from the SMS message in respect of the listed order of the items required.  To see the article click here

As there seems to be some confusion, we decided to pay a visit to the Electricity Office in Girne to establish the correct procedure to be followed.   We were told that the information required to be sent by SMS to 9898 is as repeated above and below.

Tüketıcı/consumer No.        *********

Hesap/Account No.             *********

Adı /First Name  (Fred)   Soyadı /Family Name  (Bloggs)

Email address :                     ***********

As normal where there is a language problem it is not always easy to understand a new procedure which no doubt will become clear in due course but will obviously result in many questions being asked, example as follows:-

  1. Do all Kib-tek customers have mobile phones?
  2. Expat customers who own a property but only visit infrequently, unless they have arrangements to have their electricity bill paid by an agent, will presumably not know of these new arrangements.

So is SMS billing something to worry about?  NSA allegedly collecting mobile phone text messages worldwideIn principle – No.  For example my partner has a contract account with Turkcell and receives a monthly bill by SMS with a due date and he visits the local office to make payment.  It should be added that they also provide a facility for direct debit payments.

Therefore, as far as Kib-tek are concerned no doubt we will learn more of their intended billing and payment system in due course.

There is an article on the internet which gives interesting information – Kamstrup bags smart meter tender in Northern Cyprus – to read this click here

You can also read about the new system on the Kib-Tek website click here

21 thoughts on “KIB-TEK remote electronic meter project – SMS message is not a hoax

  1. I would like to receive the electricity billing information on my UK mobile (for when I am out of the country) is there a number the requested info can be sent to instead of the 9898?

    1. Thank you for your comment John. In principle Kib-tek should be able to SMS any phone on any service but how to get them make the change over to say a UK phone is not known. If you did you would need to have your UK phone on whilst you are in the TRNC.

      Please go to our last link which is to the Kib-tek website which you will be able to translate this through Google into english and there are 4 things to note:-

      1/. You can register as a customer to access your account balance but what other options are we do not know.
      Select the home page top centre right information point to register.
      2/. On the top left of their Home Page is an option “Payment Points” that leads to the option for “Online Banking”
      3/. On the top left “Consumer Services” leads to regional Kib-tek telephone numbers.
      4/. There is on the mid right hand side of the home page an icon to allow you to email but this seems to be not working at this time.

      I hope that helps you a little and we will publish more news as it becomes available.

  2. How did KibTek find my name & mobile number when I am not the person named on the bills? Odd to say the least. But, as I leave for good in September, I shall rely on paper bills,

    1. Hello Tony, bless me but I have no idea how Kib-tek managed to get your phone number unless it wa given by someone associated with the property you live in.

      Our advice would be go to the Kib-tek website and register so you can see the account they are messaging you about. You can then of course be able to see what the account has outstanding and perhaps a means of communicating with them. Before your departure from TRNC I suggest you arrange, if possible to go to the Kib-tek office on the upper floor where I am sure this issue can be finally resolved.

      Take care.

  3. Same as John, not in TRNC all the time. I have just tried to send the information to 9898 from my UK phone but it would not send so assume the bill would not be received here in UK either..wonder if there is a country code to put in first?

    1. Hello Jacki did the SMS come to you on your UK phone? If so you could try sending a message back using the international code 0090 but will it work, you will soon find out.

      As we have suggested to others, go to the Kib-tek website and register to your account and there you will be able to see any outstanding balances and hopefully communicate with them. When you are not here does someone else pay your bills, if so you need to bring them into this loop.

      1. Hello again. No I have not had an SMS at all, I was just alerted to this situation by Facebook. My Turkcell phone does not work in UK so perhaps there will be a message when I next come over to Cyprus.
        I pay my bills by direct debit but I am always nervous that they make a mistake…..last year they misread the meter in spectacular fashion and my bill was 71,418.91 TL !!! (it should have been about 60TL)
        Fortunately a friend who checks the house alerted us to this and the bank were able to stop it. I hasten to add I do not have in excess of 71,000 TL in my current account, but apparently the system would have allowed them to completely empty my account until I could take a photo of the correct meter reading and it get it sorted out!
        I have tried sending the information via my UK phone to both 9898 and 0090 9898 but neither sent.
        I’ll try to register on Kibtek and see what happens.

      2. Wow Jacki what a tale of woe.

        Yes if you register with Kib-tek webpage at least you can check your outstanding balance and may even be able to communicate with them through this Kib-tek portal.

        Clearly there is a lot more that Kib-tek need to do to tell all of their customers wherever they are, whats going on!

  4. Thank you for interpreting the message, getting information from the place I always tell people to go to, ie the source. I have read so much mis-information regarding this text over the last few days that I am sure some people will have given up.

    1. Thank you David, as we keep saying to folk either go to the office or register through the Kib-tek website to their account if they are having difficulties.

      The Kib-tek project is a great incentive but it seems they have not really thought through who they are trying to communicate with and where they may be.

  5. I have tried to register on Kib-tek but keep getting a message that my pasword is incorrect (although as I have just registered I havent forgotten it already!) and if I click the link to get a password reminder I keep getting the same message (all in Turkish)
    I think I will just give up and go and have a lie down!

  6. I have translated the messages thanks, but they just send me round in circles and I end up with the first message again!
    I think I’ll just wait until we are next over, in about 3 weeks and maybe, just maybe, the glitches are sorted and everyone knows what to do!
    Thanks for your advice

    1. Hi Jacki,

      I have just found a email adress you could send a message to whish is and hope it works.

      May I suggest you write your message in English translate into Turkish through Google Translate and send them both versions.

      Good luck

  7. I believe the answer for Kib Tek contacting everybody has nothing to do with personal details registered with them, our bill is not even in our name and we both got a msg.

    Quite simply they have acquired all the telephone numbers registered on Telsim and Turkcell. It is not a conspiracy. They have just sent msgs to everyone who has a mobile phone in the hope that they will eventually catch all owners. They will not of course but that is another story.

    Actually no different to what happens everywhere in the world, potential advertisers buy you personal details from the local council in UK for example via the electoral role. (you can tick a box to prevent this I am sure).

  8. UPDATE: I sent an email to Kibtek as you suggested and I have had a reply saying
    “I look your account you are paying from bank every month. So it is no matter to give any information like your gsm number.
    Your account is ok . dont worry. İf something problem you can write to me”
    So thats a relief!
    I might however get a TC friend to translate another message and ask if they can email our bill in future so I dont have the worry of another potential 71,000TL bill being issued in error! 🙂
    Thanks again for your advice.

    1. Thank you for the update Jacki and it’s good to know it is possible to get help from Kib-tek.

      Clearly your comments are all public and I would like to ask you if we may publish your last comments as another article to show our readers how it is possible to deal with difficult situations even when they are away from the TRNC.

      1. Yes of course you may publish, thank you very much for finding that email address ☺

  9. How will we pay our bills without a paper version? Currently pay it at the butchers shop

    1. Hello Susan, have you registered for SMS bill notification if not then perhaps you should.

      Many people now are paying the bills at their local bank so that will give you more choice than you have at present.

      Best wishes.

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