Summer Fete and BBQ at JK’s Bar, Lapta

Summer Fete and BBQ at JK’s Bar, Lapta


We have just received and are sharing news of a great Summer Fete and BBQ to be held at JK’s Bar, Lapta on Tuesday the 11th August starting at Pete Murray and Jamie the Man in Black7.00pm and entrance is free.

Great karaoke and live music will be provided by Pete Murray with a guest appearance by  Jamie the Man in Black around 8.00pm to 9.30pm to keep your toes tapping or even your feet stomping and strutting to the sound of  music throughout the evening as the sun goes down and the bewitching hour approaches.

Talking of strutting the stuff you will be able to see the fabulous Friends Line dancers showing your some of their best routines for your enjoyment.

To keep you and your friends amused there will be stalls and a Coconut Shy together with Welly Wanging, Horse Racing, Bottle Walking and more throughout the evening.

For more information please call 0533 835 6114.

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