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TRNC News Today 23rd July 2015

Minia Cyprus Museum was opened in Tatlısu

Tatlısu Municipality opened the “Minia Cyprus Museum” to the public with a ceremony. 15 historical artefacts that belong to Cyprus will be displayed at the Minia Cyprus Museum from now on. Mayor of Tatlısu Municipality Hayri Orçan said that this project has been realized for the first time as a result of serious efforts. Orçan emphasized that the miniatures of the historical artefacts will be displayed in the courtyard of a millennial church which belongs to the Byzantine period. He also stated that 10-12 miniatures of the historical artefacts will also be added to the museum.

Minia Cyprus Museum

In Minia Cyprus Museum, visitors will be able to see the miniatures of Gönendere Mosque, Sınırüstü Mosque, Salamis Amphitheatre, Hala Sultan Mosque, Büyük Han, Venetian Column, Selimiye Mosque, Apostolos Andreas Monastery, St. Barnabas Monastery,  Arab Ahmet Mosque, Kyrenia Gate, Kyrenia Castle, Derviş Paşa Mansion, Tatlısu Hourup Storage and Tatlısu Waterwheel.

Government programme was read

CTP-BG- UBP coalition government programme which consists of Ömer Kalyoncuabout 50 pages was read during the plenary session of the Assembly by Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu and Minister of Transport Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu yesterday.

Discussions regarding the government programme will start at 10:00 on Saturday. In case the discussions end on the same day, a vote of confidence will be realized on Monday, otherwise, it will be on Tuesday.

The government programme is focused on issues regarding democracy, legal order, demilitarization and general administrative structure.

Akıncı receives Koenig

President Mustafa Akıncı received US Ambassador to South Cyprus John Koenig yesterday. Speaking to Kıbrıs newspaper, Koenig said that the developments experienced in Cyprus negotiations are very positive, and both leaders showed their commitment for a comprehensive solution in Cyprus.

John Koenig and Mustafa Akinci

Ambassador Koenig who has been in the island since June 2012 will leave Cyprus on Sunday.

Ambassador Akça hosts a farewell reception

Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Halil İbrahim Akça, Ambassador Akca farewell receptionwhose term of office in TRNC has ended, hosted a farewell reception last evening.

Akça who has been appointed as the Secretary General of Economic Cooperation Organization (OCE) will take his new office in mid-August. Derya Kanbay has been appointed as the Turkish new Ambassador to Lefkoşa, and is expected to come to TRNC next week.

TRNC hosts the executive meeting of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities

Executive meeting of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities İhramim Karaosmanoğlu(UTWM) was held in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus yesterday.  President of UTWM and Mayor of Kocaeli  İhramim Karaosmanoğlu, Secretary General of UTWM Fahri Solak, President of Turkish Cypriot Municipalities Union and Mayor of Gönyeli Ahmet Benli and members of the Board of Directors of UTWM from 7 countries attended the meeting held at Merit Park Hotel in Girne. The meeting was opened with the speeches of Karaosmanoğlu and Benli.

Bi-communal Concert

The Cultural Committee which was established Othello Castleto support cultural activities has organized a bi-communal concert in Cyprus.  According to the statement of the Presidency, a concert named “our music under the moonlight” will be given by “Kyprogenia” music band. The concert will be held at Othello Castle on the evening of Tuesday 28th July and it will be watched by President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades.

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