June 27, 2022

Peace and Freedom Day 2015

Airshow at the Old Kyrenia Harbour

By Ralph Kratzer

A highlight for my girlfriend and me every year is the airshow at the Old Harbour of Girne / Kyrenia on the occasion of the celebration of the Peace and Freedom Day  in North Cyprus.

Turkish Stars
Turkish Stars

The Turkish Stars (Türk Yıldızları), the aerobatic demonstration team of the Turkish Air Force (National Aerobatics Team of Turkey) as well as the aerialist Solo Türk, using his F-16 fighter jet, thrilled the audience as each year with their daredevil manoeuvers.

Once again we had the great luck, as last year, that a friend of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC let us have his apartment in the centre of the Old Harbour for the afternoon and evening. We could therefore enjoy the spectacle undisturbed from the balcony, of course with a good bottle of wine for the festive occasion.

Solo Türk
Solo Türk

Unfortunately there were far fewer spectators around compared to last year, which perhaps was due to the fact that many people were confused about the precise date of the air show this year. Although it was published in the press and on our website that it would take place on Sunday 19th, some did still believe that the event would be exactly on July 20th, the official Peace and Freedom Day in the TRNC.

Airshow 2015 (14)

Therefore, for those who got the date wrong or generally could not be on site, here are two videos of the event last Sunday.

The first video shows the entire air show and was kindly provided by Cihan News Agency on YouTube.

The second video shows Solo Türk on a training flight over Northern Cyprus some days ago from the sight of his cockpit.

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3 thoughts on “Peace and Freedom Day 2015 – Airshow at the Old Kyrenia Harbour

    1. Nothing read in the press over here until today, but when I look into the events calendar of the Turkish Stars aerobatics team, its planned that they come to North Cyprus on the 20th July 2016. As soon as I get more information I will publish it.

      1. The following information has just been published by the TRNC Public Information Office:

        Changes to the Peace and Freedom Day Celebration Program

        The programme for the Peace and Freedom Day celebrations on the 20th July has been changed due to the attempted coup in Turkey last Friday.

        As a result, the public reception which was to be given by President Mustafa Akıncı on 20 July at 20.00 and the dinners which were to be hosted by Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün and the Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber in honour of official guests, have been cancelled.

        The show entitled “It was a call to peace” which was to be held at Girne Castle tonight has been called off while the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Janissary Band concert will not go ahead at the Dawn Watch on Tuesday night, 19 July.

        The Youth Department’s folk dance show, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Janissary Band show and the civil and military aircraft parade have all been removed from the official programme of the Lefkoşa parade on Wednesday 20 July.

        The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Janissary Band and the Turkish Stars show which was to take place in Girne on 20 July has also been cancelled.

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