Northern Cyprus – Poison alert yet again!

Northern Cyprus – Poison alert yet again!


By Chris Elliott……

We have received today from Kyrenia Animal Rescue yet another report of poisoned meat bait being planted as follows and thank them for highlighting this very serious issue again.

“Good morning.

We have had a report this morning about meat that contains poison on the Kar logoway to Baspinar.

It has been found in Tunca Sokak and at the beginning of the rough road to Hilarion road.

Please be careful when walking your dogs in that area.

Kind regards
Kyrenia Animal Rescue”

Cyprusscene wishes to state their deep sadness that despite publishing a series of articles about Poisoned meat imagepoisoning with an invitation which was emailed to many organisations and people who had an interest in this subject to try to bring them together and there was no response!

The following is an extract that can be read in an article click here.

“So poisoning continues and what can be done to stop it? Here at we will be pleased to have contact from any organisations or groups who can share information and facts and perhaps for the future we can help them come together and help facilitate the sharing of this group’s concern and information with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources or the Ministry of Agriculture or any other authority that can rid our homeland of these despicable acts by a few very unsocial minded people.”

Here are a number of articles we published about this terrible danger to animal and human life by the laying of poisoned bait.

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