Recycling rubbish in the TRNC

 Şah Marketplace, Çatalköy

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By Chris Elliott……

When we visit social media pages we often read comments both by holidaymakers and expats about the rubbish that is cast aside in the streets and open spaces in the TRNC and I have to agree that it has been a problem but is nothing being done?  Far from it.

Girne Municipality  recycling collection point
Girne Municipality recycling collection point

This week when I visited Girne I parked in the Baldöken car park and when I walked through the old Ottoman cemetery as I came out into the street, near to the public toilets,  I noticed a large mesh cage that had been placed there by the Girne Municipality which was full of plastic bottles and tin cans.

To get some more information Margaret and I called into the Municipality offices and was told that this was the only collecting point at the moment for tin cans which was of course in an area frequently visited by both holidaymakers and local residents. We said that it was a great idea and that if the idea was developed further with the placement of similar collection cages in supermarket car parks it would encourage more people to dispose of rubbish correctly.

Now let’s face it, wherever we travel around in the TRNC we see or often forget that rubbish bins are placed in the streets and outside shops and it’s a question of educating people to dispose of rubbish with consideration of others.

How many times have I seen car parks in the United Kingdom adjacent to drive in take away restaurants where I have seen  cartons in empty car spaces where customers have purchased a meal, eaten it, thrown their rubbish out of the vehicle window and driven away. Now we think of ourselves of being good community minded people???

Margaret and I had been talking and we recalled seeing another fine example of recycling and we Şah Market Place  recycling  (5) smlvisited the Şah Marketplace in Çatalköy where we had the opportunity to speak with one of the owners, Fehime Şah who was delighted to speak with us about their policy of recycling and show us the many types of collection bins where customers can deposit material for recycling.

Fehime Şah said it is through education that we can encourage people in the community to care for the environment and if we start by educating children they in turn will educate their  parents and then we will see a big improvement in caring for and safeguarding our environment in the future.

Well said Fehime Şah and if more people and organisations like you lead the way in keeping our island clean then the complaints of the past will remain just that, history!

So am I playing my part in this new initative? Yes, I have been collecting plastic bottle tops for some time and I am now also collecting plastic bottles for recycling. Perhaps one day we can collect glass bottles for recycling as well.