Hüseyin Kırmızı at the

19th International Famagusta

Art, Culture and Tourism Festival

at the Salamis Amphitheatre


By Chris Elliott…..

One of our contributors, Hatice Salih Kerimgil has sent us news to share with our readers of Hüseyin Kırmızı (Japon) who will be appearing at the 19th International Famagusta Art, Culture and Tourism Festival at the  Salamis Amphitheatre on 5th July 2015 Japon is Hüseyin Kırmızı  imagestarting at 21.30pm and entrance tickets cost just 10TL.

Turkish Cypriot musician Hüseyin Kırmızı (also known as Japon) is the only person in the TRNC who performs the unique style of music known as Progressive or Art Rock. This style of music started in the 70s and includes different styles of music such as jazz, pop traditional and classic music.

Hüseyin Kırmızı  is a magnificent keyboard player who  will be performing the pieces  from his album Cyprus Syndrome with the Cyprus Super Band consisting of Cahit Kutrafalı (bass guitar) Fuat Kutrafalı (drums) Inanç Erşen (electric guitar) and Emre Yazgın (2nd keyboard) and Fikri Karayel (vocals).

For those readers who would like to see and hear the music style of Hüseyin Kırmızı (Japon) please view the video below.