June 27, 2022

GAU Boat Landing Row in

Girne Yeni Liman Harbour


By Chris Elliott……..

It’s never a dull day in fact this day was hot and sunny on Thursday 2nd July when we arrived in Girne Yeni Liman harbour only to find very hot tempers surrounding the Girne American University Serhat Akpinar speaking to cyprusscene image“Atlantis” cruiser that was berthed and had been surrounded by the local TV crews and other media and when the crowds of reporters and other people dispersed I had the opportunity to speak with GAU Founder and Chancellor, Serhat Akpinar and he told us the following.

“Every season we depart from Karpaz Gate Marina 2 to bring our boat back to Girne Liman Delta Harbour  but today we were treated here by the officials as if we were from a different country and were asked to complete certain documents as though we were aliens.

When I spoke to the government officials today I was told you cannot land unless you fill out the appropriate documents and I said to myself “As a Turkish Cypriot and a citizen have I become a foreigner or has the Karpaz declared independence?” Through my offices we contacted the news media and I am very grateful to them all for coming here today and also contacting the various government offices and helping establish that a misunderstanding had been made  by some government officials and that the problem is now resolved satisfactorily.

It has been an upsetting day for everybody concerned with the return of our boat to its  home port but at least I can now rest easy in the knowledge that other ship owners may not face the same upset and anxiety that we experienced today.”

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