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By Chris Elliott…….

Since we set up our website cyprusscene.com we have always adopted the policy of sharing news which belongs and is about the readers through a number of websites and social media pages.

In addition to The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) click here we have been receiving some news and information from Graham Brown who has a website “Esentepe Community” click here and we are very fortunate to be able to post some of our news articles and reviews on this website as well.

Throughout North Cyprus there may be villages and communities that do not have websites to promote their news but perhaps just use FacebTown cryerook. Here at cyprusscene we would be very happy to receive news about these communities and their events so we can help spread the news which may bring more visitors to the communities. publish news of charity and community events but do not publish commercial advertisements. Where we prepare articles about forthcoming events with entertainment we do so only for those that have legal entertainers performing.

For those members of the communities who would like their news published on cyprusscene.com please complete the contact box below and we will contact you for any additional information we require.

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  1. Excellent idea Chris. I think Cyprus Scene is doing a great job for people who live in Cyprus and for those who live away from Cyprus and those who have some connection to Cyprus. And rightly Cyprus Scene deserves to be promoted more, as an alternative news media for those communities. Thanks for the offer .

    • Thank you Sermen, with words of appreciation and encouragement like your we can do no more than work harder to live up to the expectations that readers have of Cyprusscene.com