The Foreign Residents – TFR plays vs the TRNC 10-Pin Bowling League

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

TFR plays vs the

TRNC 10-Pin Bowling League

By Ralph Kratzer and Richard “Brad” Bradley

In March 2013, the first bowling event of The Foreign Residents association took place, and has since been a regular tournament, which is held once a month. Remember the very first game by clicking here!

As always players from different countries of origin compete against each other the name “Cup of the Nations” was introduced for this popular pastime.

P1030431Last week the amateurs of TFR played for the first time versus (and with) the semi-professionals of the TRNC 10-pin Bowling League.

The organizer of the competition, “Brad” Bradley comments:

After a number of emails and meetings,  a game of 10 pin bowling against the league was agreed and took place at Kings Pin Bowling Centre in Girne on 24th June 2015.

The event was welcomed by the TFR bowlers but unfortunately on the day only 8 players turned up from the TFR.

It was therefore decided that the league would make up the difference and the match would be played in pairs.


High scorers Manfred and Sonja with TFR-chairman H. Nauroth

The scoring of those from the TFR was of a good standard and both Manfred and Sonja featured in the high scorers table with games of 157 and 177 respectively, and with the club´s treasurer Horst also achieving a good score.

It is proposed that more games between the League and the TFR will take place with dates to be decided.

Hopefully more players will be available next time. 

Brad himself, one of TFR´s best bowlers, wasn´t able to take part this time due to a back injury.

I watched the tournament and have to say that all players of TFR have done well against players who regularly practice two to three times a week.

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