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TRNC News Today 26th June 2015

Özgürgün: “It is never possible to give up guarantorship of Turkey”

The leader of National Unity Party Hüseyin Özgürgün said that it is huseyin ozgurgun-2never possible to give up guarantorship of Turkey.  Adding that history of the country, investments of South Cyprus towards armament and their defense agreements with their neighbours in the Middle East should not be disregarded, Özgürgün said that the guarantee issue is not an issue which can be solved by the two Leaders at the negotiation table.

Furthermore, Özgürgün said that during the 50 years long negotiation process, Leaders always let the guarantee issue to the end of the negotiation process to be discussed together with the guarantor countries.

Akıncı: “Solution of the Cyprus problem is possible within months”

During one of his receptions, President Mustafa Akıncı said that solution of the Cyprus problem is possible within months. Mustaf Akinci sml“If there is will, the Cyprus problem will be solved within months not years” Akıncı stressed.

Furthermore, adding that while the efforts towards finding a solution to the Cyprus problem have been continuing and wheels should turn for the country’s economy, Akıncı stressed that the tourism sector would also be better in case of a solution.

Negotiators met again today

Nami and MavroyannisTurkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis met again today.

The meeting of negotiators started at 10.00 and will continue until 13:00, at Ledra Palace Hotel in the buffer zone.


Tomova visits UBP

Slovakia’s Ambassador Oksana Tomova visited National Unity Party (UBP) yesterday and had a meeting with Oksana TomovaGazimağusa MP H. Ersan Saner. The meeting was realized upon demand of Ambassador Tomova following the reaction letter of UBP after the meeting of Slovakian Embassy with political parties of both sides and the sensitivities of the Turkish side. According to the statement, Tomova expressed her sorrow and said she knew the Turkish Cypriot side’s sensitivity very well and from now on they will take all necessary precautions during their meetings for not experiencing attitudes which disregard the realities.

Erhürman: “We aim to form a new government until 15 July”

In his statement to BRT, CTP Secretary General Tufan Erhürman Tufan Erhürmansaid that they aim to form a new government until 15 July 2015. Erhürman added “It seems that next week will be full of meetings. You know that the TRNC Assembly’s summer vacation will start after Monday that is why an extraordinary general meeting will be necessary”.

Erhürman said he will inform the party assembly about the draft government program at the weekend and then they will start meetings with the political parties.

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