June 27, 2022

Esentepe Beach Development


By Graham Brown…….

Our local readers in the Esentepe area will have been aware of something happening on our local coastline and sadly some people have been posting negative and unhelpful comments about this on a local forum so I decided to investigate and try and clarify what is happening.

Having taken time to tour the area of current development and make appropriate enquiries I am able to offer the following information.Esentepe Beach development

There will be 51 log cabins for renting out where the new car park is to be constructed. The restaurant will be overlooking the sea and half will be glass bottomed so you can look down over the cliffs. There will be steps down to the beach to the right of the car park. Each cabin is costing approx 23,000 TL although there is no finish date yet. The area where the the old derelict restaurant was will be grassed over and possibly become a picnic area.

The restaurant on the beach should be ready by August and a jetty is being built for boat launching. Also more log cabins are proposed to be built in line with the restaurant. The land between the restaurant and the west beach is not owned by the Belideyesi but the Ko-op and no decision has been made as to what that will be used for.

The project is a good idea and let’s hope that the beach and facilities will be well looked after and used by Turkish Cypriots and expats and all other foreign tourists  alike.

Please visit my website click here to see pictures of this development and other news.


Esentepe Beach Plans

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  1. Wonderful news about the beach keeping it clean should be the main priority

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