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TFR support Alsancak´s Mayor in the Mare Monte Case

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

support Alsancak´s Mayor in the Mare Monte Case

By Ralph Kratzer

Mare Monte beachMore than two years ago I wrote an article about Mare Monte Beach, a former hotel beach which was then maintained, kept clean and operated by the local municipality of Alsancak as a public beach and developed very quickly into becoming a popular leisure destination for local citzens, foreign residents and many tourists. To remember –click here!

Almost exactly 1 year later, I had to report on a sad development in the ownership of the bay and the danger that it might be permanently lost as a public beach.

MareMonte2015 (1)The new Mayor of Alsancak, Firat Ataser, started a campaign to save the beach for the public, which turned out to be successful in the first moment. Click here to read this article again!

But in fact the case is obviously still in limbo and several days ago “somebody” blocked the access road to the cove with piles of dirt to hinder people going there.

MareMonte2015 (5)The chairman of the association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR), Heinz Nauroth, took this incident as an opportunity to visit the mayor and confirm the club´s full support in this matter.

Firat Ataser stressed that Mare Monte is open again for the public at the moment and thanked Mr. Nauroth for the promised support he will get from the TFR and its 300 members from 24 different nations who have chosen North Cyprus as their adopted homeland or for long-term holidays.

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