June 27, 2022

Name Dropper by Peter Wills


By Chris Elliott…….

We never cease to be amazed as we discover the diverse backgrounds of many of the British (and other nationality) expats who have chosen to live out their  retirement on these sunny shores of Cyprus.

It also appears that “retirement”, in the true sense of the word, is not what many of them have in fact chosen to do.  They are as active now, perhaps even more so, than Peter Wills smlwhen they were “working” back in the old country!

But a lot of them have found the time to do things that they’d always wanted to do but never had the time.  And how many times have you or someone you know say “I’d love to write a book about that!”?

Well, one such person is regular ‘cyprusscene’ contributor, Peter Wills, (the ‘Inspector Bard’ stories), who has put pen to paper, to recount some of the famous celebrities – over 140 of them – that he has interacted with over the past 50 years or so.

Promoting the Gnome method of gardening with Coronation Street’s Peter Baldwin
Promoting the “Gnome” method of gardening with “Coronation Street’s” Peter Baldwin

Many of these encounters have been as a result of his quite high profile and varied career in the hotel, leisure, tourism and media industries, where he has worked alongside stars of screen and television on a very personal level.

His, yet to be published book, “Namedropper” recounts many of these meetings, some of which are quite amusing and although it is a ‘semi-autobiographical’ account, we felt that many of our readers would enjoy reading these personal snippets about people they can recall.

For the next few weeks, we shall be publishing Peter’s book, chapter by chapter and hope you find the contents as amusing and informative as we have.

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  1. Lovely gentle man is Peter in every way and I am pleased to namedrop is a very dear friend of mine.

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