June 25, 2022

 The Battle of Waterloo


By Chris Elliott……..

On the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo we have great pleasure to be able to share with our local readers the opportunity of acquiring a splendid account of of this famous battle.

Local writer Keith Lloyd has spent many months researching the full story behind the Battle of Waterloo which impacted on so many countriesWaterloo image and their people. and this incredible narrative is brought to you as a compilation of over 350 PowerPoint slides covering all major events of the battle; and includes pictures of the generals and their senior staff who were involved in the planning attacks and counter attacks. View the maps and pictures of the events as they unfolded and find out what this battle was all about.

Copies of this CD can be obtained from Keith Lloyd – telephone 0533 841 8369 at a cost of 20TL and you can see below a compact showcase version of this splendid research project and historical record.

Please also see our article “The Great War – 1914 -18 – The War to End all Wars!” which contains another must have account of the great war that Keith has put togehter as a Powerpoint slide show click here which can be purchased for 20TL of if you want both Powerpoint files these can be obtained for 30TL per CD.

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