June 29, 2022

Kyrenia Animal Rescue says

Microchip Identification does

work in the TRNC


By Kim Betts……..
Kyrenia Animal Rescue……

When visitors recently found a Cocker Spaniel dog roaming loose in the mountains they immediately contacted KAR and brought the elderly male dog to thA sad Cocker Spaniele Rescue centre. The poor dog was in a terrible state and after having food and water he was given emergency treatment for a very bad fly infestation to his ears .

He was then checked, by KAR staff,  to see if he was fitted with a microchip.

Luckily he was found to have a microchip and immediately enquiries began with the authorities to try and trace the owner. Several days later the Government Vet Dept came back with the owners name and telephone number

Found at last
Found at last

KAR contacted the owner in Lefkosia who said that the dog was taken from his garden in 2008 and he was amazed that he had been found nearly seven years later.

Arrangements were made for the owner to be reunited with his 10 year old Cocker Spaniel the next day at the Rescue Centre.

Unfortunately the poor old dog obviously had been wandering for some time and was not in the best of health but considering he had survived the last seven years it is now hoped that he will be able to spend the rest of his days quietly in his own home.

If it had not been for the microchip it is unlikely that this dog and owner would ever have been reunited.


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