Importing Cars into Northern Cyprus


By Trevor Hughes……..

We often receive requests for help from our readers of and we try to help where we can and share information where applicable for the benefit of other readers and we recently received and replied to an enquiry regarding the importation of cars to Northern Cyprus as follows.

“Hi All,

Does anyone know the definite rules for importing a car into TRNC? I have been told a number of criteria. Opinion seems to be the car must be less than 5 years old or more than 30 years old (latter classed as a classic car) or you can have import a car of any age if you have owned it for more than 5 years.

We have a holiday Apartment near Girne and are semi retired so spend several weeks a year there. Car hire becomes expensive so we are looking at the possibility of importing a car.

Ian Saunders”

Hi Ian,

You can import a car here, but it is fraught with difficulty.

  1. The car must be either under 5 years of age or you must have owned it for the last 5 years or more. If it is over 25 years old [classic] or older you can bring it into the TRNC without paying tax and as long as you are the registered owner on the log book the 5 years ownership criteria does not apply.
  2. Import tax is between 40/60% of mid range of “Glasses Guide”.
  3. You can only bring a vehicle over here once and for no longer than 1 year before which the import duties must have been paid. You can bring Classic Carsit over here, drive it around for up to 1 year and then take it out of the country. If you do this you cannot bring it into the country again. But if you decide to pay the tax it can remain here indefinitely. You can of course do this as many times as you like as long as the vehicle changes each time.
  4. Body parts for the car can be very difficult to find. They maybe numerous in the UK, but not necessarily here in the TRNC. If you have an accident and you cannot get the parts, then where would you be?
  5. Once registered here and the import tax has been paid you cannot resell it here for 2 years.
  6. If you are late paying the import tax the fines are heavy and the car will be deported to Turkey, no questions asked.
  7. Until you have applied for TRNC plates, you can only get third party insurance, no fire or theft cover here. You must have a minimum third party insurance whilst driving a vehicle here.
  8. The car must have all UK taxes paid, MOT if applicable, and your log book. If you cannot provide these documents your import will be refused.
  9. Commercial vehicles here are even more difficult to import and keeping here can be even more so!!

Why not buy a small second hand car. You can pick up some good vehicles here, but please ensure you follow advice, as buying one here can be one of the worst experiences if you get it wrong. Please ask me first as I can help you avoid a disaster.

For insurance purposes you will require a current and valid driving licence from your country of origin. The Law relating to driving licences is that once you have reached your 90 days driving allowance (linked to a visitor permit) in any one year here you should apply for a TRNC licence.

Please e-mail me direct if you need any more information.

Trevor Hughes
Mob: 0533 844 3403

Company representative
Dağli Sigorta