June 29, 2022

Dipkarpaz for Dinner

with Joel Stratte-McClure and Liz Chapin

By Margaret Sheard….

Having recently met up with Joel Stratte-McClure and Liz Chapin, who are walking around the Mediterranean Sea, we have followed some of their progress in Cyprus and written about their mammoth task.  To see the previous article click here 

Joel and Liz
Liz Chapin and Joel Stratte-McClure

Joel and Liz made one of their bases in Dipkarpaz area while they walked this part of the island and they kindly invited us to meet them for dinner.  It’s a long but very stress free drive to Dipkarpaz and we were pleased to be able to meet up with the intrepid walkers to catch up on how they are faring.  We arrived at the Arch Houses where they had made their base and found a very weary Joel and Liz who had that day completed another 37kms of the Karpaz Peninsula where they visited the area of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery which is currently undergoing restoration.  Liz was delighted to see some of the donkeys as well.

While we were making our way to Dipkarpaz we tried to visualise the route Joel and Liz would have taken, some parts along the edge of the sea and some more inland.  We stopped off at the Karpaz Gate Marina for a break and were aware that Joel and Liz had also visited this lovely marina.

We travelled back into the village to a restaurant called Dilara which is owned by a lovely Kurdish family and we were looked after by the youngest daughter of the family, also called Dilara, who speaks some English and was very attentive and doing everything to make our evening enjoyable.  We were invited to see the kitchen, which was very large and extremely clean and well laid out, where the mother of the family was preparing our meal in an internal very large traditional oven.  We watched while she rolled out the pitta bread and added the toppings and then, on the large wooden spatula, they were transferred to the oven to cook.

We had decided to have one of these between us and then choose another selection from the menu but we were actually served with three huge pizzas with different toppings, together with tomatoes and feta cheese, so by the time we had finished all of this we were all very full and so rounded the meal off with coffee.

This is one of the delights of village life where you are made to feel so welcome and invited to see how things are done which makes you feel almost like a part of the family.   Joel and Liz actually dined at Dilara for the 3 nights they stayed at Dipkarpaz and I am sure they became very close to this lovely family during that time.

As we had the long drive back to Girne to face we said our farewells to Joel and Liz who will be leaving the island for Dubrovnic to sail the Adriatic for a week and to catch up with a friend who will then be accompanying them back to Cyprus to complete the next leg of their Mediterranean walk.  So we will now be sure to Follow the Idiot for the rest of their adventure.

To see the full extent of Joel’s mammoth walk, visit his website by clicking here

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