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TRNC News Today 22nd May 2015

President Akıncı met with UN Peace Keeping Force about coordinates of the mines

Mustafa Akıncı got together and discussed the issue of the 28 minefields with Lisa Buttenheim, Chief of the LandminesUN Peace Keeping Force Mission and UNFICYP’s General Commander, Kristen Lund.

According to the statement of the Presidency Spokesman Barış Burcu; Akıncı told the UN officials that the coordinates at the 28 minefields are insufficient and asked them to obtain all the details regarding the minefields and convey them to the Turkish Cypriot side. Moreover, Akıncı asked UN mine experts to join these efforts at the soonest and in the most effective manner.

Lund promised Akıncı that they could obtain detailed information on this issue within a few days from the Ministry of Defense of the Greek Cypriot Administration. According to the statement; Buttenheim has approached Akıncı’s request on this “humanitarian issue” positively and said that “the UN will do whatever it can and will be in continuous cooperation with the political and military authorities of both sides on this issue”.

President Akıncı received the Ambassadors of Sweden, Finland, Holland and Luxemburg

President Akıncı received Sweden Ambassador Klas Gierov, Finland Ambassador Anu Saarela, Holland Ambassador Brechje Schwachöfer and Luxemburg Ambassador Christian Biever in South Cyprus.   Press was only allowed to film however no statement was made related to the receptions.

Hasan Taçoy will act for duty of Deputy Prime Minister

The Minister of Public Works and Communications Hasan Taçoy will Hasan Taçoyact for the duty of Deputy Prime Minister, Economics, Tourism, Culture and Sports Minister.  DP-UG leader Serdar Denktaş who resigned from his duty of Deputy Prime Minister said that he has sent his resignation to the Presidency and probably it will be read at the Assembly on Monday.

Denktaş also said that the Minister of Public Works and Communications Hasan Taçoy will act  for his duty and in the following days a new person will take over the duty.

Stilianidis: “Turkey contributed to positive atmosphere in Cyprus”

EU Commissioner Responsible for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Hristos Stilianidis said that Turkey Hristos Stilianidiscontributed to establish a positive atmosphere in Cyprus negotiations. 2014 Turkey Progress Report was discussed at the General Assembly of the European Parliament in Strasburg.  Stilianidis said that Turkey is spending efforts to decrease the disputes in the Middle East by accepting 2 million Syrians and Iraqi refugees and by humanitarian aids that’s why Turkey deserves EU’s full support.  Speaking during the General Assembly, EP Turkey rapporteur Dutch parliamentarian Kati Piri stated that Turkey is a strategic partner of the EU and added  “EU should continue to be a model for reforms in Turkey. We think that dialogue with Turkey should be strengthened”. Stressing that EU supports Turkey’s accession negotiations, Piri said that they encourage Turkey to proceed in negotiations. Furthermore, indicating that Turkey has an important role in the solution of refugee problem, Piri said “Turkish government is hosting much more refugees than the other countries of the world. We support Turkey’s efforts in solution process but we have concerns on the issue”.

Call for resumption of identification studies

Greek Cypriot daily Alithia noted that during their meeting held the previous day, Greek Cypriot Assembly Immigrants Committee made a call for resumption of studies for identification of Cyprus Missing PersonsMissing persons by the Committee on Missing Persons as soon as possible. According to the news, excavation works were done to identify the resisters who were killed at “Konstantinu and Eleni” cemetery during the 1974 coup and other persons who died on the same day at Nicosia Hospital due to natural reasons and within this framework, remains of 25 persons were found.  Fotiu also expressed that excavations will also start at the Greek Military Cemetery in order to find the commandos in the NORATLAS type airplane which departed from Greece on 22 July 1974 and was shot by the Greek Cypriot National Guard, GCNG due to lack of communication.

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