Rubble, Rubbish and Ruination of

Natural Beauty in North Cyprus


Whinge, Whinge, Whinge!


Compiled by The Old groaner

Dear OG

Those of us who live here permanently have become used to seeing the sea, but never going near it due to the beaches The old groanerbeing strewn with rubbish; or being illegally ripped off by hoteliers and the like with ‘private’ beaches, which in fact are all Government owned and where the public have a constitutional right to visit – free!

We also adore the stunning views of the mountains and castles, but can’t go for a ramble in the foothills due to industrial rubbish and builders spoil illegally dumped wherever one goes.

In the towns and  villages there’s rubble of one sort or another everywhere; and litter?  Well OG, so many complaints and comments about this blight on this once beautiful country of North Cyprus have appeared in the Media, I won’t bother.

However, in recent months the ‘mother of all blatant irresponsibility and carelessness’ has appeared in Upper Kyrenia on Municipality owned land on the Zeytinlik Road.

A once beautiful spinney, a green oasis in a growing urban environment, has been ruined by … whom?  In a shaded spot where flat dwellers without a garden could sit and relax amongst the greenery, take a sip on a cold drink, listen to the songbirds and admire wildlife such as butterflies; we now have dozens of mounds of waste!

This ugly ‘moonscape’ has robbed the locals of a lovely and well-loved facility on a busy road in a town where Belediyesi Officials and Police travel everyday; can’t or won’t they see it?  Don’t they care about their voters and/or taxpayers who provide them with a living? What sort of moron would do this?  What is the Belediyesi thinking of by allowing it on their land?

There are more questions one could pose when anger has subsided.  In the meantime we wonder why we should in stay in this mostly lawless, grotty little country.

Yours W deB. Kyrenia. May 2015.

Dear W deB

Many would be of the opinion that if you don’t like it here, then bugger off!  Just like in the UK where immigrants want to change British culture to meet their own ideals are annoying the indigenous population who share the GO HOME message; when in Rome and all that stuff. 

But in another sense you have a case; in a modern civilised society we all have a right to be protected from all sorts of human failings such as you describe. Most countries have appropriate laws which are policed, prosecutions take place and offenders are penalised. Republic of Turkey and Kyrenia Municipality sign

But it’s very different here for all sorts of reasons and it won’t change for generations; if they started educating the children now about such things as the dangers of litter in an often tinder dry country,  protecting natural beauty for future generations, preserving wild life etc, you would see no change during your lifetime.

So perhaps, to avoid becoming upset or ill about such matters, you should b….r off!

Keep calm, have a beer and enjoy the sunshine.


Editors Note: We have visited this site and noted a sign there which says it is a joint Republic of Turkey and Kyrenia Municipality 3rd phase project for what would seem to be sewage works improvements and is a 90 day contract at a cost of 620.760TL + KDV.

Whether the materials that have been dumped on this beautiful spot are by the contractors or others we do not know but it is a very unpleasant sight and does nothing to enhance the impression of Kyrenia in the eyes of locals or visitors.

Republic of Turkey and Kyrenia Municipality sign