July 3, 2022

Sasha’s Journey – care of

Kyrenia Animal Rescue


By Kim Betts…….

KAR recently arranged for Sasha to relocate to the UK with her owners. Sasha is a 6 year old brown and white pointer cross who is quite nervous – so her owners were quite concerned about how Sashas Journeyshe would cope with the TRNC – UK journey.

I spoke at length with Sasha’s owners about the actual journey and all that it entailed and also shared previous owners’ experiences.

It was decided that, for Sasha, a bespoke wooden travel crate would be better than a pre-made plastic one –  one of the reasons is because they do not make the dogs feel over exposed and they can be darker inside making it easier for the pet to ignore what is going on around them. KAR arranged for one to be made (complying with the IATA regulations). Her owners also decided to purchase a herbal calming collar (from the UK) as KAR Pet Travel had seen these work very well on previous nervous pets.

Sasha’s flight entailed an overnight stop at Istanbul before flying on the first Turkish Airlines flight the following morning to Heathrow (currently the only airport/airline that pets can use from TRNC). Her owners were taking a different flight into Manchester and KAR arranged for a pet overland specialist company to collect Sasha from Heathrow and deliver her to her owners at their home in Yorkshire.

There was a last minute alteration to the flight schedule, for Sasha, as the aircraft on the Ercan to Istanbul route had been changed and the new one could not accommodate her box size. This was overcome with liaison between Kim, Turkish Airlines agent, the owners and the UK clearing and delivery team.

Kar new smlOn Monday 11th May Sasha was taken to Ercan, by me for her final paperwork to be completed and security and customs checks prior to her flight. Then as per the new schedule her flight left the TRNC and she began her journey.

Throughout her journey I was able to provide updates to her owners who were sitting anxiously worrying about Sasha. Here are a few words from her owners after Sasha arrived home …..

Hi Kim, Sasha arrived home today just after 12 mid-day. She is in fine spirits, came into the garden, promptly left us a little present and proceeded to investigate the house. After a couple of hours of inspecting everything and us of course she has then slept all afternoon till tea time. The couriers were very good, they kept us informed and they even arrived at the time they estimated which we thought was very good given all the road works on the M1.

Once again Kim a big thank you to you and all your team for the help and the guidance that without you would have been an absolute nightmare

Kindest regards

Pat and Barry “

It is always a worry for owners who are sending their family pets to the UK (or elsewhere) – after all they are just that … “family”… but KAR Pet Travel will, and does, do everything that they can to lessen the stress and worry for both owners and pets. They are very experienced and have really good working relations with other professional pet shippers and agents. So if you need any help bringing your pets into or out of TRNC please contact me at KAR Pet Travel on 0533 869 4098 or email kar@kyreniaanimalrescue.org.

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