July 7, 2022

46 Miles By Jarra Brown MBE


For those that like a good book to read, we have received news from Jarra Brown MBE of the publication of his book which has a unique and compelling subject demanding to be read.

This book will be launched with a signing by Jarra Brown in Plymouth on Saturday June 27th which is Armed Forces Day and following this there will be other book signing events throughout the UK.  For our local readers it is hoped that the book will become available with book signing events at the end of September/early October 2015..

46 MILES By Jarra Brown MBE

The Book

When Jarra Brown hears church bells he cannot fail to be reminded of the hundreds – 345 to be precise – of service personnelPC Laurence Jarra Brown MBE who passed through the beautiful rural Wiltshire countryside into Oxfordshire. These men and women were not hiking across its green pastures or sitting on top of the number 55 bus, instead they were lifeless, resting inside a coffin draped with the Union flag. By the end of August 2011 the bells of St Bartholomew’s Church in Wootton Bassett had tolled more times than the residents of this once peaceful town cared to think about, for each chime represented the moment the police convoy accompanying the hearse from RAF Lyneham entered the High Street.

A moment frozen in time, a moment when the residents of this town came to show their respects, a moment that couldn’t have been more fitting even it had 46 Milesbeen choreographed. There was no call to arms by the Town Crier, just a spontaneous, modest and unprompted response to those who had paid the ultimate price in the name of duty.

46 Miles is not a book about the politics of war, the whys and wherefores of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, or indeed the hidden agendas and government strategies. It is about a town which captured the hearts of our nation and whose emotions rippled the entire 46 mile journey of honour, dignity and respect into Oxford. It is dedicated to those 345 people who, having signed up to serve their Queen and country, paid with their lives. Wootton Bassett, who nurtured the grieving on every occasion, wanted to let the nation know that these heroes will never be forgotten.

About the Author

A former Army Commando soldier, Jarra joined the police in 1990, serving 22 years and retired in March 2012. He was the instrumental link between the Police and the military over the repatriations through Wootton Bassett and was awarded the MBE in 2011 New Year’s Honours List.

46 Miles cover page

6 thoughts on “46 Miles By Jarra Brown MBE

  1. Since we helped Jarra Brown publish this article on 7th May we have seen an incredible run of readings which have increased today no doubt due to Jarra’s activity in promoting his book in the UK.

    Best of luck mate for a wonderful job that you doing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Having attended about 65 repatriations, initially as Mayor of Malmesbury I was deeply impressed by the quiet dignity of what is now Royal Wootton Bassett, the people of Royal Wootton Bassett gave their all and asked for nothing in return. I feel that it is an honour and a privilege to live in a county that has Royal Wootton Bassett.

  3. Thak you for signing your book for me at Whale Island Pompey 24.07.15. You said I would cry, I did. You broke my heart. Compassion, dedication, support,and of course dignity, what else can I say, all of that in the book together with pride. Pamela.

  4. I have just finished reading this fabulous book so perfectly written by Jarra, it is heart searing and had me very emotional many times, although I have lived in Cornwall for a good many years but my origins are R.W.B where I lived for 50 + years , so have very strong connections there still , this is why the respect and dignity shown by the people during the many repatriations did not come as any great surprise because this is what the people are very compassionate and exceedingly humble. I felt a huge connection with the book being able to identify places and people mentioned in it, with out doubt the best most honest awe inspiring book I have ever read ,I hope that this book sells well so that we can all help to give something back .


    1. This message is copied here on behalf of Jarra Browm

      “I had a really interesting conversation from a sincere man informing me he has seen the reviews on Amazon and read articles in the media. He asked me to make contact with him “Urban Media Publishing Ltd”. As a result of that conversation he is now focused on promoting the book, not motivated by money to do so, but feels this is a story that needs to be told.

      Reviews such as these from the Cyprusscene and this article caught his eye, thank you for your support in doing what I believe is right in remembering the fallen, and those impacted by the devastation of conflict.”

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