June 27, 2022

A Tulip Day at Pashley Manor, Kent

I could not find a Sermen – Ismail or an Ahmet! But I found a Abu Hassan


By Bob Scott…….

I have been involved with the team of writers on cyprusscenAbu Hassan Tulip (2)e.com whilst we are researching and writing about my experiences in Cyprus as a national serviceman and having had time out last week to relax and enjoy the beauty and splendour of a Tulip Festival at Pashley Manor in Ticehurst near Wadhurst in Kent, I sent them all some pictures to admire.

When I first sent pictures I said “I have been to a Tulip Festival today! I could not find a Sermen – Ismail or an Ahmet! But I found a Abu Hassan. This was a wonderful trip I was not expecting  and despite being tired at the end of the day it was so worth it. The Tulips were the best ever shown and we had taken lots of photos, If you would like to see more just let me know”.

Abu Hassan Tulip (1)The reply was great Bob, how about writing about it so we can share your day and photos with a worldwide readership so here goes.

Pashley Manor Kent is situated on the borders of East Sussex and the County of Kent UK. For those not familiar with both of these Counties they are blessed with a number of wonderful gardens, all a photographer’s delight! Colours Landscapes and Atmosphere by the bucket load, amateur or professional cannot fail to take a photo of delight.

This is our third visit to the Tulip Festival, that is my Son Antony and I, he is a photographer of class who knows how to manipulate a photo for best effect, where mine are all el-natural! Taken as seen.

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The setting in the grounds is marvellous – beautiful lawns immaculately cut- woodland walks carved wooden sculptures made from noggins of wood where the branches are cut from felled trees and the woodcarver has in their mind : a bird or a native face and so on.

Wonderful flowing Weeping Willow trees flowing and shading the lake with its ornamental bridge, a wonderful site to behold, work your way back towards the restaurant, though the masses of Tulip beds and borders in every colour and shape imaginable.

Don’t forget to notice the next flush of colour in bud ready to burst out with an encore, the Rhododendrons, beauties in their own right ready for a follow up visit, on your way to the Entrance or Exit you will find the Showcase Marquee, this contains within the most wondrous display of Exhibition Tulips to whet the appetite of the gardener’s palate.

To read more of Pashley Manor Gardens please click here

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3 thoughts on “A Tulip Day at Pashley Manor, Kent

  1. WOW – Antony and Bob’s photos are spectacular. Love those tulips.
    I live in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada … and our tulips are just starting!

  2. What a wonderful description of a Tulip Show Bob Scott and excellent photography. Thank you for acknowledging us at the start of your piece.

  3. Well Bob: My tulips are sprouting but I don’t think they are going to bloom at all this year in Mississauga, but I can always count on you and Antony to send me some beautiful pictures to brighten my day.

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