June 27, 2022

Another Contribution by the

European Union


By Dr Christian Heinze…… 

Whenever representatives of the European Union express expectations towards “a solution“ of the Cyprus conflict, they announce that it will be “for the benefit of both communities in Cyprus as well as for CyprusJean-Claude Juncker and the European Union”.

Over the past decades, they were satisfied with repeating the formula on numerous occasions or non-occasions. So did Jean-Claude Juncker recently on the occasion of Mustafa Akinci’s election as President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. This sterotype amounts to an expression of either utter meaninglessness or (Epimethean) hind thought, because any benefit or harm depends on the yet unknown terms of an agreement, while it is easy to conclude which terms would be favoured by the European Union. This conclusion derives from that Union having made itself a partner to the Cyprus conflict on the side of its Greek party by denying political equality to, and supporting the age-old embargo against the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.”

Christian Heinze, 04.05.2015 

Editors Notes.

Dr Christian Heinze was tDr Christian Heinze 3he Assistant to the late President of the Constitutional Court of the “Republic of Cyprus” in Nicosia in 1962/63.

In a recent article “Cyprus Conflict In A Nutshell” Dr Christian Heinze said there are four solutions to resolve the Cyprus issue which you may read by clicking here,.

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  1. Agree whole heartedly Dr Christian Heinze. We are sick of double standards that the EU has for Cypriot Turks Their promises in 2004 is indicative of their willingness to do good for Cyprus !!! I am not holding my breath for their future predictions .

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