October 4, 2023

 Warning to Greek Cypriot

Administration from Council of Europe


The Council of Europe’s Group of States against corruption (GRECO) GRECOwith its report issued yesterday warned the Greek Cypriot Administration for not struggling in an effective way against corruption.

It was stated in the report that the Greek Cypriot Administration did not obey the proposals made in 2011 regarding struggling against corruption. GRECO in its report stated: “Greek Cypriot side fulfilled only 2 of 8 proposals made in 2011”. The report which consisted of 13 pages, especially criticized political party finance as not being transparent enough and stressed the fact that draft law which includes the articles such as “ identities of those who provide finance to political parties should be clear, all donations should be recorded” have not been approved yet.

Furthermore, it was stated in the report that the legal frame has not been well provided regarding corruption therefore the necessary arrangements should be made without losing any further time.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office –

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