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Trevor’s Tips – May 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……

National Health Treatment

Under their latest thinking, the U K Government are proposing that people are only entitled to free health care on the NHS after they have lived in the UK for six months. It is illegal for doctors to charge the Government for procedures on people who aren’t entitled to them. If hospitals are found to be doing so, they will be forced to foot the bill themselves, and fork out an extra 25 per cent as punishment.  Hospitals will be able to NHS logocharge patients 50 per cent more than the cost, to make a profit

The Secretary of State for Health is for the first time exercising the power to calculate charges. The Department of Health’s guidance insists patients will have to give their passport number and expiry date, nationality, GP name and NHS number to prove they are eligible for operations. Those treated in A&E as an emergency, or women who are about to give birth will not be required to fill out the forms as they are free to everyone, regardless of where they are from.

But details will be required if casualty patients need to be admitted to a hospital ward and new mothers will be chased for information after birth. People are only entitled to free health care on the NHS after they have lived in the UK for six months.

But, there are thought to be thousands of sick people coming to Britain to take advantage of the NHS. It is illegal for doctors to charge the Government for procedures for people who aren’t entitled to them.

The guidance, which is now in force, states: “From April 2015, the Secretary of State for Health is for the first time exercising the power under the National NHS cutsHealth Service Act 2006 to calculate charges for overseas visitors on a commercial basis, which may include a reasonable profit element.”

The feelings of expats could be very strong since they have probably paid into the system all their working lives, yet witnessed people going to the UK getting all the benefits known to man and never paid a penny into the system. The time to voice your opinion is now, before it’s too late!!!

You can go onto the UK Government’s own web site and make your feelings known. The north of the island [TRNC] is in either the EU or not, but it seems we are in or out when it suits.

The British Residents’ Society is considering lobbying the UK Government through various parliamentary and EU contacts, click here to read more of their plans.

They have been trying to get clarification on whether expats here will be entitled to NHS treatment or not. Give them all your support on this venture as you may have to return to the UK to get hospital treatment at some time in the future and either the cost of treatment here or the cost of taking out private health cover is far too restrictive and then where will you be?

Tulips – Help those With Cancer Association

I have been advocating this for several years. Just because it is regarding your health, why would you not seek a second opinion and or price quote? After all, if you were considering an extension on your house would you only get one quote, no, I thought not! Hospitals are companies who need to make profit, without the hospital making profit the hospital will go into liquidation

Getting a Second Opinion on Cancer Diagnosis

Help Those With Cancer (Tulips) Ex-Pat Cancer Support Team, Jayne Matter and Pam Kennedy are concerned at how few newly diagnosed cancer patients are getting a second, or even third opinion, after their initial diagnosis of cancer.

Jayne Matter said “None of us would make any big decision without first looking at all the options. For example: How many cars did you look at and test drive before you bought the one you’re driving now? How many houses did you view before deciding on the one you are living in now? The same goes for new kitchens, bathrooms and a multitude of other decisions.  Yet, newly diagnosed cancer patients here very rarely get a second opinion. They often feel rushed into immediate surgery or treatment without seeking another opinion. In most cases a few days delay in starting treatment will not make any difference to their condition. Tulips can help newly diagnosed cancer patients to get that all important second opinion and even a third opinion if the diagnosis’ are different”.

Jane Matter and Pam Kennedy
Jane Matter and Pam Kennedy

Pam Kennedy went on to say “People sometimes do not want to upset their Doctor by telling him or her that they would like to get a second opinion, but there are many reasons for doing so and most doctors will not be worried by this”.

What are the reasons for asking for a second opinion? You may have doubts about your diagnosis, or language barriers may have prevented you from understanding your diagnosis and understanding your test results.  You may not be happy with the treatment that has been recommended. You may not feel that you can comfortably talk to your Doctor about your diagnosis or the recommended treatment.  There are also many advantages to asking for a second opinion. If both Doctors are in agreement about your diagnosis and treatment this will help you feel more confident about their decision.  You may find that you get on better with a different Doctor and have more confidence in what they say.  You may be offered treatment that hasn’t been suggested before or a wider choice of treatments so that you can decide which treatment to have. Questions that have not been adequately answered by the first Doctor may be answered by the second; the Doctor’s English may also be better so that you understand more clearly the diagnosis, results of tests and recommended treatment.

Help Those With Cancer Association/Tulips is a great advocate for asking for a second or even third opinion and the Association is always very willing to arrange for newly diagnosed patients to do this. Jayne and PTulips logo englisham are urging anyone who is newly diagnosed to contact them by phone or e mail and they will do everything they can to offer assistance. Jayne covers the West side of Girne and can be reached on 0542 882 6063 and Pam, who covers central Girne and the East side, is on 0542 883 9100. Jayne and Pam’s e mail address is: tulips.care49@yahoo.com.

The Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) Cancer Support Team provides information, support and guidance to cancer patients and their families.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Some vehicles here are classed as commercial, when in other countries they would be classed as private vehicles. Check with the Vehicle Licensing Office before you purchase Ford Rangersaid vehicle. For instance a Ford Ranger is classed as commercial and payment to own one will be charged accordingly.

All commercial vehicles are required to have an MOT and emissions test every twelve months. To register the vehicle, you will be required to sign a declaration stating the vehicle will not be used for commercial purposes or financial reward, whilst it is in your possession. To register the vehicle in your name, you will have to pay 1920 TL and a further fee of up to 350 TL to have your names entered onto the log book and finally a 10.25 TL postage stamp.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident and you are carrying tools/building materials for reward, your insurance will be considered void and then where will you be if the police are involved?

UK Driving Licenses

You may have read recently, UK driving licences are the subject of some changes. One of these changes UK Driving licenceis the abolishment of the paper element of the driving licence. Car hire companies use the paper version to see if the holder has any up to date penalty points and if so the daily rental charge can be adjusted to suit the record. Driving organisations in the UK are up in arms, as car hire companies all over Europe may refuse hiring a car without an official driving record history.

The licence holder will need to ring the DVLA 24 hours before the car hire period commences and obtain a code number which the car hire company can use before the hire is due to start.

This news item is also covered in depth by the BBC Business News click here

I have checked with some car hire companies in the TRNC and the outcome is they do not require the paper element for you to hire a car here.

You can of course, drive in most countries throughout the world and even hire a car whilst owning a valid Turkish/TRNC Driving licence without any difficulty. Oh the joys of having Temporary Residence here and owning a valid TRNC driving licence!!

Temporary Residency permit renewal for over 60s

To read more of the cyprusscene.com findings on Residency permit renewal for the over 60s click here 

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays this month are as follows

1st May 2015

19th May 2015

Where Banks, Government/ local Government offices, some shops and businesses will be closed on both days. Dagli Sigorta will be open as always on both of these dates.

Editor’s Note

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