December 2, 2022

KADS Rehearsals and the Show Goes On

Absolute Kads and Bounders 3


By Chris Elliott…….

On we are increasingly getting requests for help in promoting events and causes and this also creates many exciting and new challenges and experiences and none other than when I went along KADS colour logoto the first KADS rehearsal which was back at the Girne Municipality this week, after its recent upgrading.

Margaret Sheard and I recently went along to a previous KADS rehearsal at the Pia Bella hotel when we sat entranced and bursting with laughter at the new “Absolute Cads and Bounders 3” show so having made a video (see below) of a previous show I went along to The Girne Municipality Theatre to look at the lighting, potential camera angles and listened to the sound to decide if I could make another video of the brilliant KADS cast in action.

My recce proved very successful and having seen the cast working very hard and rehearsing some of the key elements I decided this was a show not to be missed and of course to be recorded for posterity, so that is my plan.

I understand that ticket sales for this event are going very well and for those local readers who want to join us for a splendid evening’s entertainment I urge you to buy your tickets whilst you can from The Food Lodge Çatalköy, JK’s Bar Lapta and Lambousa Saturday market.

This 3 day presentation of “Absolute Kads and Bounders 3” is in celebration of their 40 year anniversary of their group which was one of the first registered groups in North Cyprus. The event is in aid of SOS Children’s Village and Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR).

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