June 25, 2022

First ever Cricket Match

between the TRNC and the

Republic of Cyprus


TRNC VS The Republic of Cyprus

A landmark cricket match has been announced between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus.

The TRNC Cricket Association recently approached their good friends in the South’s, Cyprus Cricket Association and they eagerly agreed to the historic game. The North’s Communications Manager Ian Fell further explained, it’s the first time the two countries have played each other at any sport in Cyprus and we are very excited about the prospect. The game is purely about the game we love and both Associations strongly feel sport is about bringing people together and politics have no place in it.Cricketer

Richard Boxall, Secretary of the Cyprus Cricket Association added, “We are delighted that this match is taking place. It is our desire to see the development of the game of cricket throughout Cyprus, and we are very pleased to see the progress being made in the North thanks to the efforts of the TRNC Cricket Association. The match on 24th May will, I am sure, be keenly contested and will increase awareness of the sport of cricket and hopefully lead to increased participation. It will also provide a wonderful opportunity for all of Cyprus’s cricket community to get together to compete and to develop friendships. I can foresee further cooperation on the cricket field across Cyprus, and I hope this match will be the forerunner of many such encounters.”

TRNC Cricket Association’s Treasurer Paula Shirley said both our sponsors Creditwest and the Republic’s Money Gram are delighted to be connected with this high profile match which brings the parts of Cyprus closer together.

creditwest and moneygram

The game is being held at the 20 Temmuz Stadium in Girne on 24th May.  Events Secretary Sue Turner said the Association is very keen to give the maximum possible number of people the opportunity to enjoy the match. So, it will be free to watch and with the Stadium’s excellent seating and facilities an outstanding day’s entertainment is expected.

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